This is a very small mod that adds the ability to turn Rotten flesh into leather to use in many different Minecraft recipes, the difference of this mod compared to the others is that I have tried to balance it in a way where it isn’t to easy, since everyone needs a challenge, but not

Zombie Leather Mod

It is a really small mod that provides the ability to switch Rotten flesh into buckskin to utilize in lots of different Minecraft tested recipes, the difference of the mod when compared to others is that I've tried to stability it in ways where it isnt to simple, since everyone requires a challenge, however, not to tough where you wouldnt bother.

This mod along with making Rotten flesh helpful, in addition, it adds a new used in for Lapis Lazuli, Bonemeal and Glucose.

Recipes and The way the mod functions:

To begin with you will have to escape those stacks of Rotten flesh you merely have laying about. After you have these you will have to create some Purification powder, that is shown below:

When you have made the quantity of powder you want for all of one's Rotten flesh it is possible to craft it with some rotten flesh like below:

This will generate purified Rotten Flesh, this is actually the first phase of making it leather, you right now will need to create a new device, This mod provides a hammer, that is crafted such as this:

The hammer has 64 utilizes, and will break as soon as over used, after you have this hammer at this point you craft the hammer and the purified rotten flesh such as this:

This will offer you purified & Flattened Rotten flesh, the hammer will need 1 harm per each rotten flesh, dont worry there's only one more phase to go, today to utilize the purified and flattened rotten flesh in a furnace, such as this:

Today you have your natural leather ready to make Publication shelves, buckskin armor and the rest.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Zombie Leather Mod for the right Minecraft version, when you have the .zip document drag and fall it in to the mods folder, located your .minecraft folder.
  • Enjoy

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



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