XCommands is a continuation of SinglePlayerConsole. It adds new features, not possible in SinglePlayerConsole. This is a universal mod – so can be installed on client or server. Features: Console GUI, accessed with ‘~’ WorldEdit support 70+ new commands Screenshots: Using with MagicLauncher Console GUI Console GUI Documentation: Type in console commands without requiring ‘/c

XCommands Mod

XCommands is really a continuation of SinglePlayerConsole . It adds new features, extremely hard in SinglePlayerConsole. It is a general mod so could be installed on customer or server.


  • Gaming console GUI, accessed with ~
  • WorldEdit assistance
  • 70+ brand-new commands


Making use of with MagicLauncher

XCommands Mod

System GUI

XCommands Mod

Gaming console GUI Documentation:

Enter console commands without needing /c

For instance, /c /noclip turns into /noclip

Regular commands need a ! following the first /

For instance, /waypoint listing becomes /!waypoint checklist

The WorldEdit control //wand gets to be /!/wand

XCC furthermore provides several inbuilt instructions, these are provided by way of a /! command.

Inbuilt instructions

  • /! display set of inbuilt commands
  • /! clearhistory apparent console history
  • /! pause leads to system GUI to pause video game while open
  • /! version shows console version

Key pad

  • Escape close gaming console GUI
  • Enter procedure entered text and near GUI
  • Backspace deletes previous personality
  • Delete deletes following personality
  • Left arrow shift cursor left
  • Best arrow move cursor ideal
  • Up arrow view earlier command background
  • Down arrow view later command background

Computer mouse

  • Left-click insight selected command recommendation
  • Right-click obvious text and insight /!

XCC continues to be in early growth. The following features are usually incomplete:

  • Clipboard assistance (currently you can just paste)
  • Text choice (not however implemented)
  • Descriptions for vanilla instructions
  • Undo (extremely hard to undo paste)
  • Automatic command explanation trimming

(order descriptions overflow if theyre too much time)

Set up:

  • If making use of MagicLauncher, simply make certain XCommands is loaded initial.
  • To manually install XCommands, 1st install Minecraft Forge
  • Then you should add most of XCommands data files to minecraft.jar (or even minecraft_server.jar)
  • For those who have set up it on litigant, ensure that you delete META-INF.

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1



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