Although Minecraft has been around since 2009 and has been a worldwide success ever since, there are still people trying it out for the first time play Minecraft. Fortunately, it…

Although Minecraft has been around since 2009 and has been a worldwide success ever since, there are still people trying it out for the first time play Minecraft. Fortunately, it still has a devoted following, and the game’s developers often release enormous upgrades that expand the game’s content and take it in fascinating new ways.

It can be intimidating for newcomers, but here are some simple recommendations to keep you alive the first couple of nights and give you a head start as you plunge into this fascinating game.

Beginners Do First When Playing Minecraft?

Should punch a hole in a tree

You have nothing at the start, no tools, no weapons, no shelter, nothing. The first step is to equip oneself with the necessary tools. To accomplish this, approach the nearest tree and begin hitting it until the wood falls; don’t worry, it won’t injure your character.

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The basic building block you’ll use for the rest of the game is wood. Collect many logs, then use your inventory to turn them into planks. To make a Crafting Bench, place four planks in your tiny crafting grid and open up a world of possibilities.

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The Stone Age

Make a wooden pickaxe with the help of a Crafting Chair. To do so, create a set of sticks and use them to make a pickaxe out of wooden planks. Because there are so many items to manufacture, you should open up a crafting guide. It’ll save you hours of trial and error figuring out what you can and can’t build.

Stone Age

Gather a pile of stone using that wooden pickaxe, then use the stone to make stone pickaxes, axes, hoes, shovels, and swords. You’re ready to take the next step now that you’ve got these tools in your toolbox.

Construct a Shelter

In Minecraft, nightfall is extremely dangerous because monsters known as mobs emerge at night to attack you. These mobs will eventually become another cog in your progressing machine, but they are your biggest threat now.

Construct a Shelter

The best method to avoid this is to sleep in a bed made from the wool of slaughtered sheep combined with wood. Unfortunately, sheep can only be found in specific biomes, so your first night will almost certainly be indoors. Use your tools to gather enough of your chosen materials to build a simple house, whether it’s earth, wood, or stone.

Look for some food.

Your next challenge will be to keep your character adequately nourished now that you have a shelter to keep yourself alive at night. Every action in the game makes you hungry, including mining, sprinting, healing, and jumping. When the meter is full, your character will naturally heal from any wounds; however, if you lose your appetite a bit, your healing will be stopped.

If your hunger bar continues to decrease, you will be unable to flee and eventually lose health as you starve to death. To stay alive at the beginning, you’ll need to gather some basic commodities like flesh from animals, fish, berries, apples from oak trees, or even rotten meat from zombies.

Turn It On

Because the creatures in the game despise light, they only appear at night. Keep your shelter lit to prevent mobs from spawning inside. You’ll need torches for this.

To manufacture torches, you can either collect coal from the environment or make charcoal by building a furnace out of stone blocks and cook wooden logs. Charcoal will come in handy for smelting projects later, but for now, use it to make torches by placing it on top of a stick in your crafting table. These torches can then be put nearly anywhere in the environment to provide light and inhibit mob spawning.

Locate a Cave

The next step is to discover a cave with a rudimentary shelter, food, tools, and torches. Caves are underground tunnels and cracks in the environment. Caves range in size from small rooms barely big enough to stand into huge intricate passages all the way up to the lowest level of the game.
Caves can be used as enormous underground shelters and to gather raw resources, which is the next step in survival.

Collecting raw materials

You’ve undoubtedly had to replace your stone tools a few times by now and want to upgrade to something more durable. Iron is the next technical grade, and it’s mostly found underground. If you find a decent cave complex, this step will be a breeze; if not, you’ll have to dig your way down and construct a mine.

In any case, little tans flecks in stone that indicate iron ore blocks are what you’re looking for. Gather a large number of these, as well as any coal you can find, and place them in your furnace. After you’ve ‘boiled’ the iron, it turns into iron ingots, which may be used to make iron tools.

The Iron Age begins.

Once you have enough iron ingots, create the pickaxe, sword, bucket, helmet, boots, gauntlets, cuirass, axe, and possibly a shovel in the following order: pickaxe, sword, bucket, helmet, boots, gauntlets, cuirass, axe, and maybe a shovel. Iron tools are far more durable and efficient than stone ones. Depending on your iron supply, you may have to use stone tools from time to time.

Having an iron pickaxe on you at all times is by far the most important thing you can do. Only an iron pickaxe can dig important and precious blocks like gold, red stone, and diamonds. If you use anything else, the block will be destroyed without the valuables inside, so be sure you have an iron pickaxe.

Begin a Farm

You should be running low on food sources by now, and you’ll need to start thinking of a more long-term solution than expecting apples to fall from the sky or annihilate the local wildlife. This is where your previously constructed hoe comes in handy.

Create a little pool of water near your base with the bucket you made. Plow grass blocks in rows up to four blocks away from the water with your hoe next to it. Now run around chopping down all of the grass growing around you to collect seeds, which you will then plant in the prepared blocks. After a few days, brown wheat will be ready to harvest, and you’ll be able to make bread with it, providing you with a sustainable source of food.

Animals to Breed

Starting a farm to grow crops is one thing, but animals must also be raised to provide food that will keep you eating longer and with more appetite. Cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens are some alternatives available. The closest option is usually the best one.

Cows are objectively the best option if there are a lot of animals around because they produce leather. This can then be utilized to finish a full enchantment setup, which might be time-consuming to obtain in the long term. Wheat can be fed to two animals of the same species to breed cows and sheep. Beets and carrots are acceptable to pigs, while hens will eat them.

Locate Diamonds

Diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable ores in the game. Diamond-grade tools and gear, which have the best damage, durability, and protection, can be made from diamond.

Diamond only exists between Y=13 and Y=6, at a specific elevation. Y=11 is the best elevation for mining. At this elevation, mine a long hallway and branc out hallways every two blocks. This method is known as strip mining, and it is the most effective way to locate diamonds in the game.

Improve Your Home’s Security

The player’s wooden house or hut is most likely flanked by a few torches and whatever farms they’ve created at this time. Mobs, particularly creepers and skeletons, may still be a problem. Spiders can also climb to the top of a building, which may lead to some unpleasant surprises.

Flat roofs should either be illuminated with torches or created with slabs, which are a block that creatures cannot spawn on. Furthermore, having at least a stone roof is a good idea in case a thunderstorm attacks the building, causing it to catch fire. Although wood has a great appearance, stone is far safer due to its ability to prevent fire threats.

Construct a Nether Portal

The overworld offers plenty of exploration opportunities, but players who wish to advance farther in the game will need to travel to the Nether. To go there, it’s best to bring diamond equipment to be safe.

The player must mine 10 blocks of obsidian with a diamond pickaxe, in order to construct a portal into the Nether. Then, in a two-by-three doorway, place them. Any block can be used as a corner. The portal must be illuminated with flint and steel, which is created by mixing an iron ingot with flint obtained by scooping gravel.

Look for a Nether Fortress.

In its current condition, the Nether is a harsh and boring cave-like landscape filled with lava lakes, drops, and ghasts. It will also be populated with zombie pigmen, albeit they will not fight the player unless provoked, in which case each pigman in the area will swarm the player.

There are also strongholds, which are huge black castles made of bricks of the Nether. There’s plenty of loot inside, as well as black Wither skeletons and Blazes who throw fireballs. Do not destroy any of the Blaze spawners in the stronghold since they will drop Blaze rods, which are needed for potion manufacturing as well as later on to find an End portal and eventually beat the game.

Make a list of your next steps.

It’s entirely up to you and your imagination from here. There are dozens of biomes to explore, different dimensions to find, many creatures to battle, machines to build, and resources to acquire, all of which allow you to create some truly incredible things. Take a minute to think about your next move and enjoy your time exploring this fantastic game.


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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.