There are many enchantments available in Minecraft, providing a variety of effects that can help you survive. One of the unique buffs is Soul Speed.

So what do you know about Soul Speed? In the following article, we will discover many things about Soul Speed, including: What is Soul Speed, what does it do and where to get it?

Main contents:

    1. What is Soul Speed?

    2. Where to find Soul Speed ​​in Minecraft.

    2.1 Finding Chests in Leftover Bases

    2.2 Exchange with Piglin

    3. How to enchant your shoes with soul speed?

What is Soul Speed?

         Soul Speed ​​is a spell that can be applied on boots and allows the player to walk faster on soul sand or spirit land. This is useful when traveling through the Soul Sand Valley biome in the Nether dimension.

       There are three levels of Soul Speed, each of which increases your speed as you traverse the soul sand. The higher the level, the more enchanting power. Below you can check the speed for each level.

Soul Speed ​​Level

Speed ​​up

Level  I


Level  II


Level III



Where to find Soul Speed ​​in Minecraft.

        Soul speed can be obtained in a variety of ways, so let's take a look at each below.

Find Chests in Leftover Bases

           In Minecraft, you can add shoes or a Soul Speed ​​enchanted book to your inventory by going to the Nether and finding a Bastion Remnant with a chest inside.

Bastion Remnant can be found in the following biomes.

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Nether waste

  • Soul sand valley
  • Crimson forest
  • Warped forest

Outside the ruins of Bastion

Inside the ruins of Bastion

           Once you find the Remains of Bastion, look inside the structure to find a chest. There can be many hidden chests inside, and each chest will contain different items.

When you find a chest in Bastion Remnant, you need to open it to see what's inside.

If you're lucky, you'll find boots or a book with the Soul Speed ​​enchantment.

In this example, we found a large chest with both Soul Speed ​​enchanted golden boots as well as a Soul Speed ​​Enchantment book. Move these items to your inventory.

Barter with Piglin

In Minecraft, you can also trade with a pig for Soul Speed.

To do this, first make sure you're wearing golden armor (golden helmet, gold chest, gold leggings or gold boots) so the wild boar won't attack you. Then, throw a gold bar on the ground next to the pigling (you can also "use" the gold bar on the pigling to initiate the barter process).

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Pigling will come back and pick up the gold bar and check it for a few seconds

When the pigling accepts the gold bar, it throws back another item in exchange and the exchange is done.

When traded with pigling, you have a chance to receive either boot with Soul Speed ​​enchantment or soul speed enchantment book. Keep bartering with pigling until you get one of these items with Soul Speed.

How to enchant your shoes with soul speed

Now that you have a Soul Speed ​​enchantment book, it's time to start enchanting your shoes.

To do so, all you need is an anvil. Place the boots of your choice in the first slot, then place the Soul Speed ​​enchantment book in the second slot. The last slot will hold enchanted boots, which can then be grabbed.

                After reading this article, you must have understood what Soul Speed ​​is, and the things around it. Wish you have moments of interesting and fun Minecraft experience!


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