With the VoiceCraft Mod, you can control Minecraft with you voice. You say a command and Minecraft does it! It’s really simple, you even get an ingame tutorial. After opening Minecraft the first time after installing the mod, the interactive tutorial will start. You don’t want to do the tutorial? No problem, simply skip it

VoiceCraft Mod

With the VoiceCraft Mod, it is possible to handle Minecraft with you tone of voice. You state a control and Minecraft will it! Its really basic, you even obtain an ingame tutorial. After starting Minecraft the 1st time after setting up the mod, the interactive tutorial begins. You dont wish to accomplish the tutorial? No issue, basically skip it by typing the order: /vcskip into your chat.


VoiceCraft Mod

VoiceCraft Mod

VoiceCraft Mod


  • Home windows Vista / 7 (I'm using Home windows Speech Api for the Reputation)
  • a (great) microphone
  • ModLoader
  • Your PC should be in English or German


English German Explanation
Open Stock Inventar �ffnen
Close up GUI GUI schlie�en Close up the existing GUI (Chat, Stock, etc,)
Open up Chat Chat �ffnen
Jump Springen
Move forward Vorw�rts gehen
Stop Anhalten
Run Laufen
Sneak Schleichen
Move backwards R�ckw�rts gehen
Fly Fliegen
Speech acknowledgement Spracherkennung Activate / Deactivate the speech reputation
Drop product Item wegwerfen
Go still left Nach hyperlinks gehen
Go correct Nach rechts gehen
Right click on Rechtsklick
Dogs Hunde Let dogs in your area sit down (just your personal dogs)
Show listing Liste anzeigen Display / hide the control gui
Undo R�ckg�ngig machen Take away the last order from the control gui
Process checklist Liste abarbeiten Perform the things you placed on the order gui
Wait 1 second 1 Sekunde warten add a wait around 1 second control to the order gui
Wait 5 seconds 5 Sekunden warten add a wait around 5 second control to the order gui

Set up:

gong9deng Install ModLoader gong10deng gong9deng Unzip/.rar/folder of one's mod and drag and fall the contents in to the minecraft.jar gong10deng gong9deng Setup Speech recognition (head to System settings, Simple Access and click Setup microphone) gong10deng gong9deng Teach the speech recognition (Program settings ->Ease of Accessibility -> Speech Recognition -> Teach your)

Caution: This mod could be reference intensive and there's a delay of another roughly until Minecraft does everything you say.

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2


Other Variations:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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