What is Vanilla 3D Items?How to install Vanilla 3D Items Mod: Vanilla 3D Items Mod Download Links What is Vanilla 3D Items? This mod changes all items to 3D items in minecraft. No recipe’s, no nothing, just pure visual effects. Small negative side: It kinda takes away the fun of having a texture pack, but

Vanilla 3D Items Mod

What's Vanilla 3D Products?

This mod changes all what to 3D products in minecraft. No recipes, no nothing, just genuine visual effects. Small bad side: It kinda eliminates the fun of experiencing a texture pack, however the items are just rendered in 3D in your hands and on the planet.


  • Put Foods in a 10�10 grid.
  • Place items which look or certainly are a disc in a 15�15 grid.
  • Edit any items you need to make a custom made modelpack !
  • Work with a large enough(not really oversized when compared to item) grid therefore other people could have more liberty to make custom content
  • Center your versions.

Usually do not:

  • Tresspass the grid of currently made items when making custom content. it'll mess up the positioning of that ingame

Products sheet of what provides been completed:

  • Environment friendly = Done


How exactly to install Vanilla 3D Products Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Vanilla 3D Products Mod
  • Put Vanilla 3D Products Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



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