We all know what it is like to acumulate huge amounts of cobblestone when you are mining for resources. Then you have a whole room full of chests full of cobblestone. Maybe you try and build with it, or just throw it away in a lava pit. This mod fixes all of that. The point

Usefull Cobble Mod

Everybody knows what it is prefer to acumulate large sums of cobblestone if you are mining for resources. You then have a complete room filled with chests filled with cobblestone. Probably you try and create with it, or simply throw it apart in a lava pit.

This mod fixes all that. The idea of the Usefull Cobble mod would be to give something regarding all the cobblestone that you collect when searching for the valuable sources. You can convert that cobblestone into beneficial resources.

Usefull_Cobble Now Makes use of Forge and FML. ModLoader Will NOT Function Anymore

Tested recipes:

Basic Dishes

Display Spoiler The very first thing that you will have to make is Miracle Powder.

Another item you need to craft is named a Grinding Rock

Grinding Stones take 3 making.
1. Make a tough or unfinished Grinding Rock

2.Close to you should cover it in Miracle Powder. This can help to supply the stone it great grinding edge, and in addition ensure it is impervious to erosion.

This is referred to as a Miracle Embued Grinding Rock
3.Finally you need to smelt it, to seal within the Magic Powder, also to give it a good finish. Now that you've got a Grinding Stone, you're ready to create some powders.

The first & most basic powder may be the Cobblestone Powder, it could be obtained 2 methods.
The second powder you are have to is Obsidian Powder. This is a small harder to create, because Obsidian is this type of hard material. The excess Magic Powder help soften the Obsidian in order that it could be ground.

Next may be the Netherrack Powder. Its major use is really as a fuel resource, becuase it burns for so very long, but it could also be used using recipes.

Finally there's Endstone Powder. It cannot however be utilized for anything, but you can find great prospects because of this off-white pile of dirt.

The recipe might seem strange because it will be upside down. This is unintentional and you will be fixed within the next update.

Additionally, there are a a few compound powders. They are created by combining particular powders along with other ingredients. They're harder to create, but are also useful for more powerful.

First will be Lava Powder. This might sound weird, nonetheless it is established by combining warm lava and cobblestone, partially melting the Cobblestone Powder, and partially cooling the Lava.
Another compound powder is named Blast Powder. This is a quite volitile substance that's used to create specific magical explosives.

Mineral Quality recipes

Present Spoiler Listed below are the quality recipes used to help make the more precious materials. Ensure that you verify the tested recipes above, if not these wont assist you to at all.
Iron Powder Recipe

Now simply take the Iron Powder and Smelt it such as this.

Gold Powder Recipe

Now consider the Gold Powder and smelt it.

Purified Iron Powder

Purified Iron Ingot

Miracle Iron Powder

Miracle Iron Ingot

Blast Iron Powder

Blast Iron Ingot

Dark Iron Powder

Dark Iron

GlowStone Powder Recipe

Lapis Lazuli

A few other, less valuable products can be acquired through magical means aswell. Specifically Coal, and Flint, Listed below are the dishes for that.

Ive furthermore added 2 quality recipes to generate dirt.

This may look like a useless factor to set up, but Im focusing on a Skyblock kind map, which seemed like advisable for that.

This is a recipe to craft Grass blocks.

You can now have grass anyplace you want, without having to become near grass to permit it to pass on.

Plant Tested recipes

Display Spoiler These Dishes permit you to turn normal wheat seeds into other styles of seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds

Melon Seeds

Dark brown Mushroom

Crimson Mushroom


Sugars Cane



Advanced Quality recipes

Present Spoiler Listed below are the most sophisticated and resource consuming tested recipes.
Material Items

Obsidian Blocks


Blood Gemstone


Blast Orb

At this time the Blast Orb in fact doesnt do anything due to some bugs that I ran into when adding factors in.


Bright Wooden Tools

Bright Wooden Pickaxe

Bright Wooden Sword

Bright Wooden Axe

Bright Wooden Shovel

Bright Wooden Hoe

Purified Iron Tools

Magic Iron Equipment

Miracle Iron Pickaxe

Miracle Iron Sword

Miracle Iron Axe

Miracle Iron Hoe

Miracle Iron Shovel

Blast Iron Tools

Blast Iron Sword

The sword has the capacity to start fires. Basically right click on to start out a fire at that moment like everyone else would with a flint and metal.

Blast Iron Shovel

This shovel has the capacity to change Cobblestone into Lava. Only a phrase of warning though, it'll deteriorate the health of the Shovel at 5 times the price of regular digging.

Blast Iron Pickaxe

Blast Iron Axe

Blast Iron Hoe

Black Iron Equipment

Dark Iron Scythe

Dark Iron PickAxe

Dark Iron Sword

Dark Iron Axe

Dark Iron Shovel

Dark Iron Hoe

Void Iron Tools (Creative Just)

Void Iron Pickaxe

Void Iron Sword

Void Iron Axe

Void Iron Shovel

Void Iron Hoe

Blood Gemstone Tools

Blood Gemstone Pickaxe

Blood Gemstone Sword

Blood Gemstone Axe

Blood Gemstone Shovel

Blood Gemstone Hoe

Golden Bow

This works exactly like a standard bow, same arrows as well, but this bow is a lot more powerful.

Thunder Bow Set

This bow gets the same strength because the Golden Bow, but shoots a particular arrow. Which casts lightning on effect.

Thunder Arrow

These arrows can only just end up being fired from the Thunder Bow. On influence with the mark, whether it will be the bottom or a mob, it'll cause a lightning hit at the idea of impact.

Magic Crossbow Established

Miracle Crossbow

That is an exetremely effective weapon. It could kill nearly every mob in 1 strike.
With it being so strong, it cant fire just normal arrows, or they might break, so you need to craft Bolts.


These Bolts are produced from Purified iron and Miracle Iron, fused as well as some Miracle Powder, which also acts because the fletching.


The very first thing you want is a cup dagger. Crafted such as this.

Today, these daggers may be used simply like they're, and can 1 hit eliminate anything aside from Endermen, and the Enderdragon, however they break after 6 hits, if you program on with them like this I would recommend carrying at the very least 3 at anybody period. Next comes the Cup Spear, Crafted such as this.

These spears are stackable around 16, and can be utilized in a couple various ways. Short Variety, or Long Variety.

Short Variety: Spears may be used as a melee weapon, and can kill nearly all hostile mobs in about 2
hits. They will have a toughness of 12 hits, to allow them to kill a comparable amount of
mobs as a cup dagger, but because the spears are usually stackable, so that you can carry
many more of these.

Long Variety: The spears may also be thrown. When thrown they'll do slightly less harm then
when used simply because melee, and have a comparable flight speed and fall rate being an
arrow shot out there of a normal wooden bow. They are able to also be chance out of a Spear Gun.

Lastly there arrives the Spear Gun.

The Spear Gun can be used to fire of Cup Spears at an unbelievable rate. The spear gun will be with the capacity of firing spears at a velocity in a way that they are able to kill anything within a photo (except the Enderdragon needless to say), even though arrows may be simpler to carry(having the ability to stack to 64), and do almost just as much damage, the biggest benefit with the spear gun can be that it gets the capabilities to quickly fire spears. Rendering it easier to clear huge sets of hostile mobs.

Loss of life Blade

This sword may look strange, nonetheless it functions. This sword gets the power to kill just about anything in a single hit.

Thunder Blade

A robust sword, that summons a lightning hit on command. Perfectly click on to fire off a projectile which will cause a lightning hit on impact. !!!Warning: USUALLY DO NOT Use On Creepers. MAY CAUSE Undesired Results!!!

Best Thunder Blade

A far more powerful edition of the Thunder Blade. The lava powder infused into he hilt provides sword extra power, rendering it last longer and possess a more powerful strike when attacking mobs.


The WarHammers are powerful weapons which you can use to smash weapons along with break apart stone components.

Gemstone WarHammer

Blood Gemstone WarHammer


The Battleaxes cause slightly more harm to living creatures compared to the WarHammers, but they can't be utilized for mining. Also, they are with the capacity of chopping wooden components much faster than a typical axe.

Gemstone Battleaxe

Blood Gemstone Battleaxe

Miracle Crystals

Display Spoiler Very first thing, you will require a crafting hammer.

Then you can certainly utilize the crating hammer to smash blocks of cup in shards, which is used to create

magical crystals.

The shards may also be utilized for other activities in the potential future, but also for right now, they're just for making miracle crystals.

Miracle Crystal

Alone, the Miracle Crystal is actually useless, but when coupled with certain elements, it could be designed to do various stuff.

Fire Crystal

From here, that can be done 2 points with the Fire Crystal:

You can wear it the end of an employee. It can after that be utilized to manipulate the planet.

With the Fire Staff, it is possible to manipulate the planet around you. It is possible to melt cobblestone into lava.
It is possible to burn sand into glass right where it sits. And you will melt ice and snowfall blocks into moving springs of drinking water.

You can even harden the crystal in a furnace, for used in crafting recipes.

Here are the various recipes which you can use your hardened Fire Crystal in.

Drinking water Crystal

Like withe the Fire Crystal, the Drinking water Crystal may be used for 2 2 various things:

Very first you may make a staff.

The drinking water staff, may be used to turn cobblestone into drinking water.

Or it is possible to harden the Drinking water Crystal for make use of as an alternative for a bucket of drinking water using recipes.

You may use the Hardened Drinking water Crystal as a drinking water supply for purifying Iron Powder.

Or you should use it to basically fill a bucket.

Flora Crystal

From right here you have 2 really familiar options

You may make a staff

The Flora Staff works exactly like bonemeal, with 2 specific differences: The first distinction is certainly that the Flora Employees works on Glucose Cane and Cactus, and 2nd, the Flora Staff may be used to turn grime blocks into grass.

Then you can certainly harden the crystal utilizing a furnace.

You may use the Hardended Flora Crystal to procedure lots of plant components, and accelerate plant development.

There's another secret wooden recipe that provides you 4 times just as much wooden. See when you can number it out. I understand that some individuals may think that that is inexpensive, but if you believe about it, the quantity of assets gathered through this technique is no higher than if you had been to cultivate a tree and chop it down or grow wheat and harvest it. The only real difference is that method will be non-renewable.

The final 2 dishes I wasnt certain about, so I made a decision to include them and notice what folks think.

Let me know very well what you see them.

Misc Things

Present Spoiler Iron Storage space Blocks

Purified Iron Block

Miracle Iron Block

Blast Iron Block

Dark Iron Block

Void Iron Block (Creative Just)

Magic Powder Storage space

Miracle Brick

The Miracle Brick is wonderful for nothing apart from storing your miracle powder and making Miracle Blocks.

Miracle Block

Magic Blocks could be positioned and will produce the same level of lighting as GlowStone.

They have very good explosion opposition (attempt blowing some around see on your own), and should be damaged with a pickaxe(any material should function).

Reverse Tested recipes

Presently NOT in Innovative!!!

Magic Strength Diamond

The Miracle Power Diamond with amazing capabilities. It retains an immense quantity of magical energies inside. Sadly, you can find no, known uses because of this incredible objectyet.

World Things:
Bright Biome

The biome where it in no way gets dark. It is a low degree biome with several mountains. As of at this time this biome does not have any grass, blossoms, shrubs, or any small plant life. The tope level of the biome is constructed of Brilliant Grass. A block nearly the same as grass, aside from its color (Vivid Grass being yellow, similar to the results in of the shiny trees) also it puts off lighting.

The Bright grass will pass on onto dirt like normal grass. You won't spread over grass, nonetheless it does have a definite advantage over grass for the reason that it makes its light.

Dispite the light worth, hostile mobs wills till spawn in the brilliant biome at night. It is a bug that I'll hopefully have the ability to fix.

Shiny Trees

The Brightwood Trees spawn in the Bright Biome for a price around 1 per 10 chunks. Both wood and the results in of the tree emit lighting. At the moment, both trunk of the tree and the results in can be harvested yourself, allowing the results in to be utilized as an extremely cheap source of light.
This is a picture of a naturally spawned brightwood tree.

Surrently the leaves from the tree haven't any use, and there is absolutely no spaling for the Bright Tree, but there will, in the foreseeable future, be some type of sustainablility. For bright wood tools, start to see the tools section above.


  • 1. You need to install Minecraft Forge . It has Forge Mod Loader (FML) bundled with it.
  • 2. Simply drag usefull_cobble.zip into your mods folder. .



  • Fixed Many Bugs
  • Updated to MC 1.6.2
  • Known Bug: Glass spears when thrown hurt you; spear gun isn't functional

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For Minecraft 1.4.5



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