This mod alters the ingame menu (aka pause menu) adding new buttons to it that were previously out-of-reach (inside other menus like the options menu…mostly that menu) So let’s start with what buttons there are in the mod… Language – Switch the game’s language to either your native language or just some random gibberish because

Useful Ingame GUI Mod

This mod alters the ingame menus (aka pause menus) adding new control keys to it which were previously out-of-achieve (inside other menus just like the choices menumostly that menu) Therefore lets focus on what buttons you can find in the mod

  • Language Change the games vocabulary to either your indigenous language or simply some random gibberish because youre insane
  • Resources Entry the reference packs you now have installed.
  • Difficulty Transformation the games trouble, from puss- After all peaceful (a.k.a. Peace) and tough. Locks to Hardcore when in a Hardcore planet.
  • GUI Level Shift the scaling of the overall game, from small to huge or auto..
  • Fog Adjustments the render length, from tiny to significantly.. Or the other method around (hint hint).
  • Images Switches the games graphics from Quick to Fancy and vice-versa.
  • SPMenu Accessibility your world list in one of those worlds or perhaps a server.
  • MPMenu Gain access to your server list in one of one's singleplayer worlds or among the servers.
  • Fullscreen Toggle fullscreen on / off.
  • Reconnect Rapidly reconnect to the server you're currently in (electronic.g., for when youre trapped).
  • Duplicate IP or Seed Makes the existing server youre ins IP and copies it to your clipboard (+interface if unique of 25565) or your Singleplayer Worlds seed.
  • Hide IP or Seed Hides the Ip of the server you're presently in.. Or the seed of one's world aswell.
  • Legacy Menus Toggle among the legacy appear or the brand new revamped appear of the GUI.
  • Twitch IRC Opens up the TwitchTV IRC GUI .
  • Quit Video game Totally shuts down the overall game, meaning itll near the window.


How exactly to install:

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  • Set retreiving a.. lets contact it more technical address and ideally returning the deal with the customers used to see (just like the one in the server checklist).

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2


Other Variations:

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For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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