The UGOCraft mod is a Japanese Minecraft mod that roughly translates to MotionCraft. It adds blocks that change the way that objects in the game are able to move. Structures are able to smoothly slide and rotate in every direction. This makes structures that were previously impossible to build easy to make. Some simple examples

UgoCraft Mod

The UGOCraft mod is really a Japanese Minecraft mod that approximately means MotionCraft. It provides blocks that change just how that items in the game can easily move. Structures can easily slide and rotate atlanta divorce attorneys path. This makes structures which were previously impossible to create an easy task to make. Some basic types of structures which can be built consist of trains, drawbridges, windmills, elevators, plus much more!


Each block will move blocks which are linked to it. They may be activated by putting a lever/button onto it or activating it with redstone. Blocks which are moved can take items, but usually do not work well with drinking water or lava.

Tested recipes:


The Slider block may cause blocks to slide in either the vertical or horizontal path. You can modification its acceleration with the controller. It'll need to get in touch to an On Block. Some basic types of things that could be made up of the slider block consist of cranes, elevators, and automobiles such as for example monorails.

On Block:

The On Block can be used with the Slider Block.

Off Block:

The Off Block will minimize any sliding blocks as it pertains in touch with it. Sliding blocks begins at an On block and prevent at an Off Block.


The Rotator Block will rotate blocks either horizontal or vertical. A few examples of items that can be made out of this are usually drawbridges and windmills.

Insulation Plate:

Putting the insulation plate on a block will prevent blocks which are in touch with it from relocating.


The Controller can be used to regulate the acceleration of the sliding block.

TNT Cannon:

The TNT Cannon shoots exploding blocks significantly.

Ammunition for TNT Cannon:

How exactly to install:

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