What is TuxWeapons?How to install TuxWeapons Mod: TuxWeapons Mod Download Links What is TuxWeapons? TuxWeapons adds many new and awesome weapons to the game Minecraft. Each weapon supports a different and unique fighting style and can be combined for a truly unique experience. Not only that, but TuxWeapons is the first and only weapons mod

TuxWeapons Mod

What's TuxWeapons?

TuxWeapons provides many new and amazing weapons to the overall game Minecraft. Each weapon facilitates another and unique fighting design and can be mixed for a really unique experience. Not just that, but TuxWeapons may be the first and just weapons mod ahead with complete assistance for some of one's other favorite mods. Today for the very first time you can obtain a distinctive and amazing fighting knowledge regardless of what mods you have set up.


TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

TuxWeapons Mod

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Good enough Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

Present Spoiler All explosions are usually toggleable in the config, and the config also offers an option that you can disable any weapons you don't like.

Cross Bow & Bolt

The cross bow has its benefits and drawbacks, for one it includes a different loading procedure. To load the cross bow basically left click on the bolt first and when there exists a cross bow in your hotbar it'll become loaded, simply head to it cost and shoot such as a regular bow. To reload correct go through the bolt again.

The cross bow offers deadly accuracy and will high damage, but when you shoot a bolt it will become damaged forever and you will not pick it right back up.


Dynamite is really a less powerful throwable type of TNT and when you toss it on the floor beneath the feet and period it right that can be done an awesome rocket leap.

Fire Cost Cannon

The Fire Charge Cannon may be the pyromaniacs companion. It shoots explosive fire charges extremely accurately and when charged long good enough will explode with fire. Needless to say all explosions and fire could be disabled if youd like. This monster of a weapon utilizes fire charges as ammo that you can craft utilizing the vanilla crafting recipe. As you possess the cannon it slows you down since it is so large. To be able to craft the cannon you will have to obtain the magma primary, the magma primary is really a new drop put into magma cubes in the nether, there exists a 5% fall chance nevertheless, you can increase that when youd like in the config.

For the next recipes diamonds could be substituted for just about any item that can create the weapons (e.g. wooden, cobble, iron, etc).

Battle Axe

This weapon does plenty of damage, but doesn't have an extremely high durability. Additionally, it may cut down trees rapidly.


The hammer includes a mighty cost smash attack, contain the right click on button to cost it and discharge to clear the region around you of mobs. It can the same level of damage because the sword, but includes a somewhat lower durability. Nonetheless it will last much longer compared to the battle axe.


The harpoon is in fact classified as an instrument because it will not perform any damage. It functions like a fly rod and a grappling hook mixed. Simply get rid of the harpoon and leap as you contact it back again and youll move zipping to wherever you photo it. Nonetheless it has a suprisingly low durability.


The knives execute a fair quantity of damage when thrown, they'll not do damage in the event that you try and utilize them as a sword nevertheless. In case a knife hits its focus on it becomes broken and can't be picked back again up. The knives can stack so that it makes it simple to fill up on knives.


The mace does random levels of damage on each strike, its lowest damage will be worse when compared to a sword and its own highest damage is preferable to a battle axe. It includes a medium durability.


The shield can be an instrument. It has reduced durability but when correct clicked can block nearly all damage. Furthermore sorry, but dual wield isn't supported yet.


In melee the spear does much less damage compared to the sword however when you throw it can a comparable. Simply right click on and charge to toss it and then it is possible to run and choose it right back up. A helpful weapon in virtually any situation.

If the crafting recipes conflict with any mod there is a choice in the config for alternate crafting recipes that will basically turn all the crafting recipes on the sides. Also, be sure to browse the config anyway! There exists a couple of great easter eggs within.


Brewing potions is more challenging to do also to explain. I've tried to generate easy recipes that you should understand. For those who have any queries do request in the remarks.To brew any potion you must possess an awkward potion very first. The awkward potion appears the same as a water bottle, thats a vanilla factor. To brew an awkward potion to put it simply in a single nether wart with the required amount of water bottles like therefore.

For the next potions the potion on the still left may be the input potion that is constantly an awkward potion and on the proper is the potion result.

Potion of Trip

The potion of flight enables you to fly in survival setting! This potion effect won't work in creative setting, you must end up being in survival. To utilize the potion simply push and hold your leap key and you may accelerate upward. This may also decelerate your fall in case you are going to die. The potion of trip won't cancel all drop damage, but in the event that you gradual yourself down before landing you wont obtain harm. Whenever youre flying ensure that you watch how much period you have gone! You dont desire to end up way above the bottom with no solution to stop your drop!Furthermore try throwing this in any kind of mob you encounter watching them soar!The weird doohicky found in the recipe may be the catalyst of flight in fact it is a rare drop from Endermen, chickens, and Ghasts.

Potion of Convenience

The potion of convenience is merely a period saver. It enables you to auto hop up one block high jumps, similar to just what a horse will. This potion is excellent if your heading on an extended journey and wish to save several hunger points.

Potion of Heat

The potion of heat will burn off any evil mobs in a 4 block radius. If an evil mob provides this potion effect put on them it'll burn every mobs in a 4 block radius therefore make certain no baddies obtain hands on that one! This potion can be the only method to burn ender guys.

Iron Skin Potion

Once you apply this potion to yourself or any mob you'll get some amazing buffs for approximately thirty seconds! Which includes resistance, fire resistance, and a little slowness debuff. Useful in case you are in a tricky circumstance.

The Treatment The cure happens to be an innovative only potion which will get rid of all buffs when ingested. Much like milk! The distinction between milk and the remedy though will be that the cure includes a splash potion. Ideal for the brand-new spiders that may spawn with buffs.


  • Drawback 1-3: boosts bow drawback speed
  • Hawkeye 1-3: improves bow variety
  • Swiftness 1-2: increases swing rate
  • Agility 1-2: leg armor enchant, allows the ball player to perform faster
  • Venom 1-3: poisons your focus on
  • Lifestyle Steal 1-2: heals you half of a heart on every strike
  • Strike 1-5: random critical possibility
  • Hardened 1-2: can make the ball player harder to knockback (armor enchant)

How exactly to install TuxWeapons Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download TuxWeapons Mod jar
  • Drag and drop jar document into your /.minecraft.jar
  • Done



  • Patched to at least one 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2





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