You have found a mysterious buried treasure map in Minecraft. But how do you locate and use it? We will guide you through the necessary steps to find and use…

You have found a mysterious buried treasure map in Minecraft. But how do you locate and use it? We will guide you through the necessary steps to find and use treasure maps in Minecraft.

How to find the Treasure Map.

You can find treasure maps in shipwreck chests and underwater ruins chests. They appear as a small icon of light yellow paper.

This chest contains a buried treasure map.

How to use the Treasure map .

Once you’ve got a treasure map, it’s time to read it to locate the treasure chest. Please perform the following steps in turn:

Step 1: Start by holding the map with both hands.

You can do this by holding the map with your right hand and simply dragging the mouse down. This will bring the map up to reveal what’s on your screen.

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Step 2: Determine your location.

When you see the map on your screen, you will also see a white circle on the map. Depending on the size of the circle, it will tell you whether you are near or far from the treasure.

Step 3: Look at the coordinates of the treasure on the map and determine its location from your current location.

Step 4: Open the coordinates menu and check your direction.

You can open the coordinates by pressing F3 on your keyboard for PC users or FN + F3 for Mac users. This will show you information about your current location including XYZ coordinates, current biome,…

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Step 5: Take a look at the “Facing” information tab.

This will show you the direction you are currently facing, whether it is north, south, east or west. Based on the map shown below, the player must head northeast. Northeast is between north and east. You can choose to go in one direction first or simply go diagonally.

Step 6: Go in the direction of the treasure

Keep moving to where the treasure is while keeping tabs on the map. The white circle on the map will move with the distance and direction you are from the treasure chest. When you get close enough, the map opens and shows the terrain of the land.

Step 7: Keep walking until you reach point X on the map before starting to dig. Buried treasure will always be on the X facing east.

Step 8: Start digging until you find buried treasure. It is often buried in the sand, so you should bring a shovel to make digging faster and easier.

When you find a treasure chest, right- click on it to get your treasure. Take everything in the chest, especially the heart of the sea. Buried treasure chests will typically have 5 different items in the following list:

  • The heart of the sea
  • Iron ingots
  • Gold bars
  • Cooked Codd
  • Cooked Salmon
  • Leather Ao Dai
  • Iron Sword
  • TNT
  • Emerald
  • Prismarine crystals
  • Diamond

Typical contents of a buried treasure chest in Minecraft

Above is all the information you need to use Minecraft buried treasure map. Good luck and happy treasure hunt!

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