ThrowCraft adds 2 ‘categories’ of throwable eggs to the game. One is eggs, which spawn a mob where they land similar to a regular egg that a chicken drops, but there is a 100% spawn rate. The other type is the bombs. There are far fewer bombs, and I am working on adding more (please

ThrowCraft Mod

ThrowCraft provides 2 types of throwable eggs to the overall game. One will be eggs, which spawn a mob where they property much like a regular egg a poultry drops, but there exists a 100% spawn price. The other type may be the bombs. You can find far less bombs, and I'm working on adding even more (please leave recommendations). The bombs have an enormous influence on the terrain.

  • The drinking water bomb spawns a golf ball of water based on its dimension (see crafting dishes)
  • The lava bomb does exactly the same, but with lava
  • The fire bomb is similar to a Molotov cocktail and spreads fire in a good radius
  • The lightning bomb spawns 5 lightning strikes very near where it lands

Many people request what the distinction is between your eggs and those in vanilla. ThrowCraft had been actually originally created before the vanilla eggs arrived, and ThrowCraft eggs are usually craftable in survival setting, and you reach toss them through the atmosphere, not really against a block!


ThrowCraft Mod

Tested recipes:

ThrowCraft was previously quite overpowered whereas 2 slime balls could spawn you a huge slime, and 2 lava buckets would spawn you an enormous fiery golf ball of destruction. Today its a bit harder. Once you craft a slime egg, drinking water bomb or lava bomb, once you hover over it in your stock it'll say small within the item name. You need to combine 2 little eggs/bombs to obtain a moderate, and 2 mediums to obtain a large.

Notice: this only pertains to slime eggs, drinking water bombs and lava bombs.

Blaze egg, Poultry egg and Cave Spider egg:

Creeper egg, Ender Dragon egg, Cow egg:

Enderman egg, Ghast egg, Iron Golem egg:

Magma Cube egg, Mooshroom egg, Pig egg:

Sheep egg, Skeleton egg, Slime egg:

Snowfall Golem egg, Spider egg, Squid egg:

Farmer Villager egg, Blacksmith Villager egg, Butcher Villager egg:

Generic Villager egg, Librarian Villager egg, Priest Villager egg:

Witch egg, Wither egg, Wither Skeleton egg:

Wolf egg, Zombie egg, Zombie Pigman egg:

Fire Bomb, To create larger slime dimensions, combine 2 of small size:

TNT bomb, Drinking water bomb, Lava bomb:

Lightning Bomb, To create larger drinking water&lava bomb dimensions, combine 2 of small size:

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download ThrowCraft Mod zip document
  • Put ThrowCraft Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

Note: When there is no mods folder for you personally in the .minecraft folder, start minecraft in order that forge generates the folder, or even create it yourself

Take note to server proprietors: You enable and disable crafting quality recipes of various eggs and bombs for the server, if you are worried about severe griefing, jut transform it off in config/ThrowCraft.cfg.





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