Command Block Showcases:Command: With only two command blocks I am bringing you an amazing looking miniature Solar System to your world. You can spawn one with the spawn egg. After that, you can interact with the Solar System using the book. The Solar System looks amazing; using mini armor stands to represent planets and particles

The Solar System Command Block

With just two command blocks I'm bringing you an incredible looking miniature Solar Program to your planet.
It is possible to spawn one with the spawn egg. From then on, you can connect to the Solar System utilizing the publication. The Solar Program looks amazing; using small armor stands to represent planets and contaminants for stars it offers an unbelievable look. It uses 147 custom control blocks for different opportunities of the planets, and some other types for scoreboards and things.

Control Block Showcases:

How exactly to install:

  • To include any one-command development to your world, very first give yourself a order block with /give @p minecraft:control_block .
  • You need to place 2 order blocks along with each additional. Paste the very first command in underneath one, the 2nd�command in top of the one.
  • As soon as you pasted all of the commands, you need to activate with a redstone block simply the command block in the bottom.


For Minecraft 1.8

THE INITIAL command: Hyperlink 1 Link 2

THE NEXT command: Hyperlink 1 Link 2


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