FAQ:The Earth Mod Download Links The Earth Mod has one main feature: The Earth. It adds in a new World Type, which can be accessed by clicking through the world types when generating a new world. E.G (Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, Customized…). This World Type creates a 1:95 replica of the Earth, in Minecraft. That

The Earth Mod

THE PLANET EARTH Mod has one major feature: THE PLANET EARTH. It provides in a fresh World Type, which may be accessed by clicking on through the world varieties when generating a fresh world. Electronic.G (Default, Superflat, Good sized Biomes, Customized). This Entire world Type creates a 1:95 replica of the planet earth, in Minecraft. Which means the world generated will be 432000�216000 blocks in proportions. All the era is founded on real Earth information, from various resources.


The Earth Mod
The Earth Mod
The Earth Mod
The Earth Mod


How do you bypass?

Making your way around in a 432000�216000 world would usually be tricky, however, not with this particular mod. This mod provides a fresh command /tplatlong. This control enables you to teleport to any provided latitude longitude coordinate. How can you obtain these coordinates? The simplest way is by using Google Maps. Head to maps.search engines.com, go through the point you need to go to, duplicate and paste the coordinates this exhibits and paste those close to the order, but minus the comma. For instance: /tplatlong 0.54154 45.54254

I would like to know where I'm on earth!

There exists a gui for that, also it does even more than just that. In the event that you push K (default) on your own key pad, a GUI will pop-up. This will present your latitude and longitude, the road address you're at, and a Search engines Streetview Image of what your location is, and what your location is looking.

You will want to simply download a MC Globe document? Why a mod?

There are some known reasons for this.

  • Minecraft World of the size will be terabytes in proportions, this mod generates it on the fly, which means that your disk storage just has to shop wherever you have already been on Earth.
  • This enables for even more randomization, your world could be a little little bit different every time, and compatibility with any mod era, like ore era.


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For Minecraft 1.8.9

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For Minecraft 1.9.4

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