Minecraft is a popular game in these days of self-isolation since it is known as a game with nearly no restrictions. Minecraft offers both creative and survival mode gameplay, so…

Minecraft is a popular game in these days of self-isolation since it is known as a game with nearly no restrictions. Minecraft offers both creative and survival mode gameplay, so whatever a player wants to accomplish, they can certainly do it in the game. Another fantastic feature of this Mojang title is available on many platforms, including Bedrock, console platforms and Windows 10.

Skins are a really fun and crucial component of the game for those running Bedrock, often a bit better optimized than the Java version. There’s a vast marketplace where you can buy many cosmetics, some of which are cool and some that are just plain silly.

1. Superfood


Aside from hot dogs, chocolate, and cheese, there are healthier and more amusing options available that are sure to confound and amuse other participants. The garlic skin is one of the most strange and humorous skins in GoE-Superfood Craft’s skin collection.
This is a great use of the player model and the unpredictability of some of these interfaces. Overall great.

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2. People Made of Wood

Camouflage skins are one of the most popular sorts of skins in Minecraft, and they’re great for pulling pranks on your friends or spying on them. The Wooden People skin pack from Blocklab Studios allows the player to transform into a real tree.
The head, which contains some invisible pixels to give the illusion of a leaf block, is the most interesting and funniest feature of this skin. When wearing this, just be careful not to get stuck with an ax.

3. Derps of the Rainbow

Derps of the Rainbow

Because of how exaggerated derpy faces are in Minecraft, they look fantastic. But what if they were coupled with a spectrum of super-colorful effects? Clever- like Studios saw the potential in this brilliant concept and created a skin pack full of bright derps.

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Whatever taste of color the player enjoys can be found here, with the addition of hilarious derp faces. From full-on rainbow skins to blocky rainbow characters or rainbow sheep, whatever flavor of color the player enjoys can be found here.

4. Hot Dogs

What a fantastic snack, hot dogs! They’re also wonderful for jokes and, in this case, Minecraft skins. To confuse players, 57Digital decided to take the concept of hot dogs extremely literally and created these dog and hot dog-themed skins.
The dog face and stuffing on each hot dog are slightly different. The player must choose between ketchup and mustard. This skin ensures that whoever wears it will be the center of all jokes in their Minecraft Realm.

5. Poops of Emotion

Poops of Emotion

Everyone seems to be enamored with the poop emoji for a reason. Thankfully, 57Digital was able to capture the same mood as this iconic emoji and created a bizarre yet amusing skin pack containing a variety of, well, excrement figures.

Each character has their own personality, color, and emotions. Players available green or purple zombie droppings are enthusiastic and cheerful.

6. Good Doge.

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the doge meme? 57Digital’s Good Doge skin pack will undoubtedly appeal to players who are particularly fond of the wonderfully stupid Shiba dog.
A Japanese sailor school uniform costume, an astronaut suit, and a farmer’s dress are among the doge faces that have been coupled with various clothes.

7. Derp


Do you have a sense of hilarity? Giggle Block Studios understands how you feel, which is why they designed this colorful and amusing Derp-themed skin pack. Although many of the character models are ordinary people, it is these faces that make up the costume’s value.

This is the excellent pack for a humorous Minecrafter who enjoys playing pranks, with rainbow vomit, big jaws, and small, googly eyes.

8. Chocolates In A Box

If cheese isn’t your thing, consider this fun skin collection from 57Digital, equipped with chocolate-themed skins. Each figure has a distinctive design that makes them resemble chocolate bars.
The faces in these skins are interesting and cartoon-like, and the shading is good quality. It’s the ideal skin for a Minecraft journey when paired with a candy-themed resource pack.

9. Cheese


If cheese is a player’s passion, this skin pack is not only appropriate but also wonderfully weird and entertaining. It’s chock-full of amusing cheese-themed characters, including melting cheese, molding cheese, blue cheese, and Swiss cheese.

The skin pack was created by 57Digital and is of very high quality with standard character models, making it perfect for any cheese-obsessed Minecrafters.

10. Horrible legs

Do you want to look like a bizarre figure from an unfathomable cartoon? Wandering Wizards’ Orrible Legs skin pack does precisely that. Skins for Minecraft are strange in that they make most of the player model’s pixels transparent.
As a result, this pack has a variety of strange forms and figures, including green monsters and a terrified, wiggly-legged chicken.


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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.