In short, this provides the Player with craftable totems that can be teleported to instantly. It’s not as simple as hitting a button however, you must first craft a teleportation stone, which when right clicked on a totem, will link the two together. These stones also require power to function. In this case, redstone. Screenshots:

Teleportation Stones Mod

In short, this gives the ball player with craftable totems which can be teleported to immediately. Its not as basic as hitting a key however, you must very first craft a teleportation rock, which when correct clicked on a totem, will link both together. These stones additionally require power to functionality. In cases like this, redstone.


Teleportation Stones Mod

Teleportation Stones Mod

Tested recipes:

Substitute lapis for just about any dye.

Set up:

  • 1. Install the most recent recommended edition of Minecraft Forge .
  • 2. Drag the jar document into your mods folder.

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7


For Minecraft 1.4.5


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