Tale of Kingdoms 2 is a follow up on tale of kingdoms 1, where the story ended there continues here, with stronger reficules but more stuff to do, and now with your friends! you heard it right, you can now go smp with your friends and fight those evil reficules together Features: Everyone seperate gold

Tale of Kingdoms 2 Mod

Tale of Kingdoms 2 is really a follow-up on tale of kingdoms 1, where in fact the tale ended there continues right here, with more powerful reficules but more things to accomplish, and now together with your close friends! you heard it ideal, now you can go smp together with your friends and combat those evil reficules jointly


  • Everyone seperate gold totals
  • Number along with screen of gold overall + gold total bank (customer side just)
  • Harder to complete way to kingship
  • More methods to finish way to kingship, for instance quests!
  • All entities get yourself a proper ai
  • Main block in your kingdom, only obtainable for you
  • Mystcraft assistance
  • Redo of gold ideals
  • Various kinds of kingdoms
  • In a position to invade kingdoms??

Set up:

Manual Guidelines

  • 1) Focus on a brand new .minecraft
  • 2) Delete META-INF
  • 3) Install Minecraft Forge
  • 4) Drag Tale-of-Kingdoms-2.zip in to the mods folder (the complete zip document!!!)
  • 5) Check if everything functions!! (else start once again!)
  • 6) Have a great time

MultiMC Directions

  • 1) Download MultiMC into its Folder and Install
  • 2) Download Tale-of-Kingdoms-2.zip
  • 3) Develop a new Example in MultiMC
  • 4) Best click Example to Edit mods and set up Minecraft Forge in Minecraft.jar Tab
  • 5) Change to Mods Foder Tab and include Tale-of-Kingdoms-2.zip
  • 6) Have fun with ToK and revel in!

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7




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