TabbyChat Mod Features/Functionality:TabbyChat Mod Screenshots:TabbyChat Mod Settings (shift-click on * tab):How to install TabbyChat Mod: TabbyChat Mod Download Links TabbyChat Mod Features/Functionality: TabbyChat is a client-side mod for Minecraft that aims to make the multiplayer chat interface more organized, managable, and user-friendly. It can be installed (or loaded) into the Minecraft client by patching minecraft.jar

TabbyChat Mod

TabbyChat Mod Features/Efficiency:

TabbyChat is really a client-part mod for Minecraft that aims to help make the multiplayer chat interface even more arranged, managable, and user-friendly. It could be set up (or loaded) in to the Minecraft customer by patching minecraft.jar or loaded from runtime via a number of different supported APIs.

Primary Functions:

The principal feature of TabbyChat would be to organize chat communications into different channels, also to represent those stations via tab-like buttons shown above the chat user interface. There are several various ways to configure TabbyChat to arrange chat, which includes:

  • Auto-looking for new chat stations or PM text messages
  • Choosing the correct Chat-Channel delimiters and manually generating the required tabs
  • Making use of custom made filters to direct communications matching the required expression to a particular tab

Custom Filter systems:

Custom filters permit the user to inform TabbyChat to execute various actions whenever a chat message fits the defined Normal Expression. These actions are the following:

  • Highlight the matching text (with colour and/or formatting)
  • Have fun with a notification audio
  • Send the message to a particular tab
  • Send the message to all or any tabs
  • Prevent the information from displaying

Additional Functions:

  • Unread Information Notifications
  • Timestamps prepended to chat text messages
  • Suppress spammed chat communications
  • Log all talk with logfile with timestamps
  • Push Unicode font rendering
  • Interactive scroll bar
  • Dynamically movable/resizable chat container
  • Customize the amount of text messages retained (displayed) for every tab
  • Customize the amount of time a note remains on-screen during regular gameplay
  • Each tab might have a control prefix which can be applied to your communications
  • Multi-line speak to configurable transmitting delay
  • New computer mouse controls and Key-binds additional for getting together with TabbyChat

TabbyChat Mod Screenshots:

TabbyChat Mod

TabbyChat Mod

(take note fonts in these screenies thanks to BetterFonts mod)

TabbyChat Mod

TabbyChat Mod Configurations (shift-click on on * tab):

Common Config

Display Spoiler General construction settings are global configurations, requested all multiplayer, on any server.

TabbyChat Allowed: Allowed/disables TabbyChat. When disabled, tabs will undoubtedly be destroyed and all chat can look in exactly the same window as it will without this mod.

Save talk with regional log: When on, TabbyChat helps you to save all talk with a text document in a .minecraft/TabbyChatLogs folder. A fresh log file will undoubtedly be created each time, however the same log will undoubtedly be used for several servers. This log will contain timestamps if the Timestamp dispay choice is on.

Timestamps: When on, each chat series will start with the current amount of time in preset format. A small amount of timestamp format presets are offered, left or right-click on on the time shown in the gray package to select.

Consolidate spammed chat: For every channel/tab, fresh chat messages will undoubtedly be compared with the prior message, and if they're exactly the same, TabbyChat will append a note counter on the finish of the prior message rather than adding the brand new message. Note: this might option could be resource-intensive, YMMV.

Unread notification flashing: When on, new chat text messages that arrive to history tabs may cause those tabs to flash reddish colored in the chatbox region when the chatbox isn't active/concentrated.

Server Config

Present Spoiler Server config configurations are server-specific, and can just apply to the existing server.

Auto seek out new stations : When on, in conjunction with the Chat-Channel Delimiter server placing, TabbyChat will try to identify brand-new chat channels by searching for channel titles encircled by the delimiters at the start of every chat message (electronic.g. , or , or whatever). When discovered, a fresh tab will be made up of this name and can contain only those communications. When away from, TabbyChat will still try to match chat text messages to currently-present tabs and filtration system rules, but fresh tabs will never be automatically created.

Chat-channel delimiters: This shows TabbyChat what characters to view for when attempting to determine the chat channel, either automatically or elsewhere. For instance, may indicate the Worldwide chat channel, that is delimited by brackets on either aspect of the title. Available options are usually Angles , Braces , Brackets [], and Parenthesis ().

Delimiter formatting: Force TabbyChat to just consider brand-new channel delimiters that stick to a precise text color/style right here (actually only the initial delimiter must complement). Left or right-click with this box to go forward/backward between obtainable text colors and designs.

Default stations: This container should include a comma-separated set of chat tabs that you would like to be developed everytime you to remain the server, whether or not or not really TabbyChat has noticed chat for the reason that channel yet. For instance, in the event that you specify G, N, Regional, then TabbyChat will immediately create these tabs immediately rather than wait until chat for the reason that channel appears. This can help you handle the tab display purchase (since they are created first), and they'll also still function when auto-search is switched off.

Ignored stations: It is a comma-separated list of brands that TabbyChat may believe are chat stations, but you want it to disregard. For example, if you from time to time see chat messages you start with that TabbyChat generates a tab for, nevertheless, you dont need a tab, it is possible to specify Server in the overlooked channels checklist.

Custom Filter systems

Display Spoiler Note: Filter systems are also server-specific configurations.

Filter Title: The topmost textbox will be for the filtration system name. That is primarily to assist you keep in mind what the filtration system is for. Utilize the control keys to flip between filter systems, and New/Delete control keys at the bottom-remaining to make more/much less.

Send fits to tab: Chat messages that fit this filtration system (or dont, if Inverse go with is on) will undoubtedly be delivered to and arrive in the tab you specify in Tab Title, or even to all tabs if All tabs is usually checked.

Hide fits from chat: If that is checked, chat communications matching the filtration system will never be shown in virtually any tab except the * (asterisk) tab (that is purposely still left untouched). Send fits to tab and Highlight fits should be unchecked make it possible for this option.

Highlight fits : The part of the chat information matching the filtration system will undoubtedly be highlighted/formatted as described in the below Colour and Structure boxes.

Sound Notification: Plays an audio when a filtration system finds a match. Go through the box next to Good to configure the required notification sound.

Inverse suit: If that is on, TabbyChat will flag chat text messages that DONT match up this filter. This program doesnt work together with highlighting, and will be most readily useful with the Send fits to tab choice. This essentially enables you to make a fresh chat tab that contains all chat communications EXCEPT a particular type.

Case-delicate: When on, the filtration system is used in a case-sensitive fashion (i.electronic. upper-situation letters in the expression must complement in the chat)

Filtration system expression: This is actually the crucial placing that determines what this filtration system matches. That is defined using normal expression syntax, which TabbyChat use to comb through chat text messages for a match. Additional information and description in the below write-up.

Advanced Configurations

Present Spoiler Take note: These settings may also be global settings, and can utilize on all servers.

Chat background to retain: Just how many lines of talk with retain in the chat windowpane for every tab (obtainable by scrolling up/down)

Channel name max. duration: When auto-lookup is enabled, this can help TabbyChat know an authentic quantity of letters to anticipate in chat-channel names. Therefore, a setting of 10 would catch however, not .

Multi-chat deliver delay: In the event that you compose and deliver a chat that will require several sends (denoted by the gray amount on the far correct of the chat insight box), this time around delay will undoubtedly be enforced between each deliver.

Custom Chatbox dimension: The unfocused elevation slider continues to be, and defines the percent of the concentrated chatbox height to utilize as a maximum elevation permitted for unfocused chat.

Chat fade period: Whenever a chat information is obtained and the chat display isn't currently active, the information typically shows for a period on your display screen and then fades apart. This slider controls just how long the information should stay noticeable (the Unfocused chatbox elevation controls just how many you may notice at once).

Tab Settings (right-click on on tab to gain access to)

Display Spoiler

Alias: This is the name shown on the tab. It'll default to the tabs title on creation.

Unread Notifications: Enable/disable unread notifications because of this tab.

Chat order prefix: If this tab (and just this tab) will be activate once the chat input industry is raised, the contents of the box will be placed into the start of the input industry. Any areas before or following the full contents will undoubtedly be trimmed, and a trailing room will undoubtedly be added. When changing tabs, if the input areas only content may be the control prefix from the prior tab, it'll be removed, and the brand new tabs order prefix will undoubtedly be added. In any other case, the input areas contents will undoubtedly be left alone.

Position: Utilize the Left/Best arrows to go the tab forwards/backward (respectively) in screen order. No tab could be placed prior to the tab.

How exactly to install TabbyChat Mod:

Because of the brand-new launcher, mod installation processes have changed a lot.��If making use of ModLoader, Forge, or LiteLoader , follow the installation procedures for all those APIs and increase the appropriate edition of TabbyChat as directed.��If setting up TabbyChat standalone, heres my suggestion:

  • Develop a copy of one's .minecraft/variations/1.6.1 folder in the variations folder to stand for your modded client for those who have not already done thus.��Make certain to rename both jar and json document, and also the id range WITHIN the json document, to exactly the same name since your brand-new folder.
  • Within your .minecraft/libraries folder, create the next directory construction:��mods/TabbyChat/ and place the TabbyChat down load inside of that version folder electronic.g. your TabbyChat download will today maintain .minecraft/libraries/mods/TabbyChat/1.8.07/TabbyChat-1.8.07.jar
  • Edit the json document from step one 1 (in your brand-new version folder) to support the following collection in the libraries area:
"name": "mods:TabbyChat:1.8.07" ,

4.��Set up a user profile in your launcher to utilize your new edition folder, and youre all set.
TabbyChat has been proven to be appropriate for ModLoader and Forge (generally), Optifine , Rei s Minimap, Stock Tweaks, INSUFFICIENT Items , Friends Overlay, and more (virtually anything not linked to chat).



  • Bugfix :��Corrected several null-pointer exception problems with powerful tab naming

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2


Other Variations:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.5



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