Super Sentai Icons Armors:Super Sentai Characters list :Download Links This mod is based on all super sentai teams (included Power Rangers and Evil super sentai ). Super Sentai Icons Armors: Super Sentai Characters list : How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. If the “mods” folder does

Super Sentai Mod

This mod is founded on all super sentai groups (included Strength Rangers and Evil very sentai ).

Super Sentai Icons Armors:

Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod

Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod
Super Sentai Mod

Super Sentai Characters checklist :

Present Spoiler

Regular :
Super Sentai Simple Brace

Goranger :
Akaranger Changer
Aoranger Changer
kiranger Changer
Momoranger Changer
Midoranger Changer

Big one Changer
Spade Ace Changer
Clover King Changer
Center Queen Changer
Dia Jack Changer

Fight Fever J :
Fight Cossack Changer
Fight France Changer
Fight Japan Changer
Fight Kenya Changer
Miss The united states Changer

Denjiman :
Denji Glowing blue Changer
Denji Environment friendly Changer
Denji Pink Changer
Denji Crimson Changer
Denji Yellowish Changer

Sunlight Vulcan :
Vul Eagle Changer
Vul Panther Changer
Vul Shark Changer

Goggle Five :
Goggle Dark Changer
Goggle Glowing blue Changer
Goggle Pink Changer
Goggle Crimson Changer
Goggle Yellowish Changer

Dynaman :
Dyna Dark Changer
Dyna Glowing blue Changer
Dyna Pink Changer
Dyna Crimson Changer
Dyna Yellowish Changer

Bioman :
Crimson One Changer
Natural Two Changer
Glowing blue Three Changer
Yellow Four Changer
Pink Five Changer
Magne warrior Changer

Changeman :
Modification Dragon Changer
Transformation Griffin Changer
Shift Mermaid Changer
Switch Pegasus Changer
Modification Phoenix Changer

Flashman :
Glowing blue Flash Changer
Environment friendly Flash Changer
Pink Flash Changer
Crimson Flash Changer
Yellow Flash Changer

Maskman :
Dark Mask Changer
Glowing blue Mask Changer
Pink Mask Changer
Crimson Mask Changer
Yellow Mask Changer
X1 Mask Changer

Liveman :
Dark Bison Changer
Glowing blue Dolphin Changer
Natural Sai Changer
Crimson Falcon Changer
Yellowish Lion Changer

Turboranger :
Dark Turbo Changer
Glowing blue Turbo Changer
Pink Turbo Changer
Crimson Turbo Changer
Yellow Turbo Changer

Fiveman :
Five Dark Changer
Five Glowing blue Changer
Five Pink Changer
Five Crimson Changer
Five Yellowish Changer

Dimensian Soldiers :
Birdman Changer

Jetman :
Blac Condor Changer
Glowing blue Swallow Changer
Environment friendly Eagle Changer
Crimson Hawk Changer
Light Swan Changer
Yellowish Owl Changer

Shadow Jetman :
Shadow Glowing blue Swallow Changer
Shadow Crimson Hawk Changer
Shadow White colored Swan Changer
Shadow Yellowish Owl Changer

Zuyranger :
Dragon Ranger Changer
Mammoth Ranger Changer
Ptera Ranger Changer
Tiger Ranger Changer
Tricera Ranger Changer
Tyrano Ranger Changer
Alpha 5 Changer

Dairanger :
Houou Ranger Changer
Kiba Ranger Changer
Kirin Ranger Changer
Ryuu Ranger Changer
Shishi Ranger Changer
Tenma Ranger Changer

Hanaranger :
Blue Lovely Flag Changer
Green Drinking water Lotus Changer
Orange Lily Changer
Pink Cherry Blossom Changer
Purple Orchid Changer

Kakuranger :
Ninja Dark Changer
Ninja Glowing blue Changer
Ninja Crimson Changer
Ninja Light Changer
Ninja Yellowish Changer
Ninjaman Changer

Ohranger :
King Ranger Changer
Oh Glowing blue Changer
Oh Natural Changer
Oh Pink Changer
Oh Crimson Changer
Oh Yellow Changer

Carranger :
Glowing blue Racer Changer
Environment friendly Racer Changer
Pink Racer Changer
Crimson Racer Changer
Yellow Racer Changer
Rate King Max Changer
Signalman Changer
Sigue Changer
Sigtarou Changer
VRV Get better at Changer
White colored Racer Changer

Megaranger :
Mega Dark Changer
Mega Glowing blue Changer
Mega Pink Changer
Mega Crimson Changer
Mega Yellowish Changer
Mega Silver Changer

Nejiranger :
Neji Dark Changer
Neji Glowing blue Changer
Neji Pink Changer
Neji Crimson Changer
Neji Yellowish Changer
Neji Silver Changer

Gingaman :
Ginga Glowing blue Changer
Ginga Natural Changer
Ginga Pink Changer
Ginga Crimson Changer
Ginga Yellowish Changer
Bullblack Changer

Gogo-V :
Go Glowing blue Changer
Proceed Pink Changer
Go Crimson Changer
Move Yellow Changer
Titanium Ranger Changer
Demon Hunter Sieg Changer
Sieg-Jeanne Changer

France Five :
Dark Beaujolais Changer
Glowing blue Accord�on Changer
Pink � la setting Changer
Crimson Fromage Changer
Silver Mousquetaire Changer
Yellow Baguette Changer

Timeranger :
Time Glowing blue Changer
Period Fire Changer
Time Environment friendly Changer
Period Pink Changer
Time Reddish colored Changer
Time Yellowish Changer

Gaoranger :
Gao Dark Changer
Gao Glowing blue Changer
Gao Crimson Changer
Gao Silver Changer
Gao Light Changer
Gao Yellowish Changer

Hurricanger :
Hurricane Glowing blue Changer
Hurricane Darkish Changer
Hurricane Crimson Changer
Hurricane Yellowish Changer
Kabuto Raiger Changer
Kuwaga Raiger Changer
Tento Raiger Changer
Shurikenger Changer

Abaranger :
Abare Dark Changer
Abare Glowing blue Changer
Abare Kiler Changer
Abared Changer
Abare Yellowish Changer
Abare Pink Changer

Dekaranger :
Deka Glowing blue Changer
Deka Split Changer
Deka Vivid Changer
Deka Gold Changer
Deka Natural Changer
Deka Grasp Changer
Deka Pink Changer
Deka Crimson Changer
Deka Swan Changer
Deka Yellowish Changer
Orange Ranger Changer

Magiranger :
Magi Glowing blue Changer
Magi Environment friendly Changer
Magi Mom Changer
Magi Pink Changer
Magi Crimson Changer
Magi Shine Changer
Magi Yellowish Changer
Wolzard Changer
Wolazrd Fire Changer
Magical Cat Smoky Changer

Akared :
Akared Changer

Boukenger :
Bouken Dark Changer
Bouken Glowing blue Changer
Bouken Pink Changer
Bouken Crimson Changer
Bouken Silver Changer
Bouken Yellowish Changer
DaiKenjin Zuban Changer

Gekiranger :
Geki Glowing blue Changer
Geki Chopper Changer
Geki Crimson Changer
Geki Violet Changer
Geki Yellowish Changer
Bat Spirit Ranger Changer
Elephant Spirit Ranger Changer
Shark Spirit Ranger Changer
Dark Lion Rio Changer
Chameleon Fist Mele Changer
Beast-Fist Coach RoboTough Changer

Go-onger :
Goon Dark Changer
Goon Glowing blue Changer
Goon Gold Changer
Goon Natural Changer
Goon Crimson Changer
Goon Silver Changer
Goon Yellowish Changer
Goon Wings Hybrid Changer

Shinkenger :
Shinken Glowing blue Changer
Shinken Gold Changer
Shinken Environment friendly Changer
Shinken Pink Changer
Shinken Crimson Changer
Shinken Yellowish Changer

Goseiger :
Gosei Dark Changer
Gosei Glowing blue Changer
Gosei Natural Changer
Gosei Pink Changer
Gosei Crimson Changer
Gosei Yellowish Changer
Gosei Knight Changer

Gokaiger :
Gokai Glowing blue Changer
Gokai Chritmas Changer
Gokai Environment friendly Changer
Gokai Pink Changer
Gokai Crimson Changer
Gokai Silver Changer
Gokai Yellowish Changer

Go-Busters Tokumei :
Crimson Buster Changer
Glowing blue Buster Changer
Yellow Buster Changer
Beet Buster Changer
Stag Buster Changer
Cheeda Nick Changer

Go-Busters Dobutsu :
Crimson Cheetah Changer
Glowing blue Gorilla Changer
Yellow Rabbit Changer
Gold Beetle Changer
Dark Puma Changer
Natural Hyppopotamus Changer

Akibaranger :
Akiba Crimson Changer
Akiba Glowing blue Changer
Akiba Yellowish Changer

Kyoryuger :
Deathryuger Changer
Chaosryuger Changer
Kyoryu Dark Changer
Kyoryu Glowing blue Changer
Kyoryu Cyan Changer
Kyoryu Gold Changer
Kyoryu Environment friendly Changer
Kyoryu Grey Changer
Kyoryu Navy Changer
Kyoryu Pink Changer
Kyoryu Crimson Changer

ToQger :
Toq 1gou Changer
Toq 2gou Changer
Toq 3gou Changer
Toq 4gou Changer
Toq 5gou Changer
Toq 6gou Changer
Toq 7gou Changer
Yami No 0gou Changer
Wagon Changer

Ninninger :
Aka Ninger Changer
Ao Ninger Changer
Ki Ninger Changer
Momo Ninger Changer
Shiro Ninger Changer
Superstar Ninger Changer

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the mods folder will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • Benefit from the mod.

For Minecraft 1.8




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