What it does?Mod Contents:Mod Download Links What it does? The Sun’s Son Mod adds in a brand new dimension with an epic boss fight! There are also new mobs, weapons, and armor! Mod Contents: Items Blocks: Armor Earth’s Sun Temple: Portal: Boss: Mobs: Mod Showcases: How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the

Suns Son Mod

What it can?

The Suns Child Mod provides in a fresh dimension having an epic boss combat! There are also fresh mobs, weapons, and armor!

Mod Contents:


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Suns Boy Saber (has durability, could be repaired with diamonds or emeralds)

There is absolutely no crafting recipe because of this item. It'll be dropped by the boss in SUNLIGHT dimension.It'll be damage for every use.
It has 4 powers (press R to improve between them):

-stroll over drinking water:

A cup platform will undoubtedly be created beneath the player and it'll shift with him.

-shoot fire

It shoots fire bombs like Ghasts.

-control period

Period will advance by ideal clicking.

-slay everything

The saber deals a higher amount of harm in the entities, and the effect is almost always a single hit kill.

Fire Secured Layer:

Make use of to craft Fire Covered Armor

Carbon dirt:

Dropped by Carbon Block

Carbon liquid:

Carbon dietary fiber:

Utilized to cover tools. It'll raise the durability by 50% and put in a little increment in the effectiveness.

Carbon protected tools:

The recipe may be the exact same to every device of each type (wood,rock,iron,gold,gemstone).Note: to cover up the tool, it could not end up being damaged.


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Sunlight Portal Frame Bottom Block

Utilized to show on the portal by correct clicking.

Sun Portal Body Block

I did so the body of the portal. They are able to also be within sunlight Temples.

Sun Phony Chest
When right-clicked it'll transform into a Gemstone Block, Emerald Block, Gold Block or Iron Block

Carbon BlockMain block in sunlight Dimension. Drops Carbon Dirt.

Sunlight Temple Soldier

It'll transform in the entity once you get closer.

Strong Lava

Utilized to craft lava buckets. It really is on the Sun
s structures.It is also used as energy.


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Fire Guarded Armor provides to the ball player Fire Resistance provided that the gamer is utilizing a full group of armor.
(armor texture changed inside v3.1)

Fire Safeguarded Helmet

Fire Shielded Plate

Fire Secured Legs

Fire Covered Boots


Fire service provider armor provides to the player exactly the same results as Fire Guarded Armor but additionally allows to create a circle of fire round the participant. For that, the ball player has to wait around until the circle demonstrated in the HUD will be full and then push L.

Fire Company Helmet

Fire Supplier Plate

Fire Service provider Legs

Fire Company Boots

Fire Supplier Power (you can even notice the HUD that presents the actual charging position of the energy in the very best left part)

Earths Sunlight Temple:

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The temple are available in Plains, Desert and Forest biomes.


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It must be constructed confronted to sunlight otherwise you won't turn on.

SUNLIGHT to World portal will spawn after defeating the boss

SUNLIGHT Dimension:


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major attack: flaming arrows;
secondary attack: jumps and deals damage when he lands


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All mobs can spawn when the ball player turns on a Sunlight portal but they could be disabled in the config document.All of them are immune to fire however they take harm when wet.

Sunlight Enderman: if he touches you without taking harm, he will visit a lava lake and teleport one to there. If he isnt with complete health the strike is like a standard enderman.

Sunlight Skeleton: shoots fire arrows

Sunlight Zombie: when seeking the ball player may multiplicate themselves

Sun Creeper: results in a trail of fire

Sunlight Spider: may spawn lava

Sunlight Temple Soldier

Like the block, but will set you back you and assault.

Mod Showcases:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.


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  • -Temples era; Plains, Desert and Forest


  • -Today its impossible to put flammable blocks in the dimension;
  • -Sunlight Enderman;
  • -New armor and results;


  • -Disabled spiders spawning lava in the dimension in order to avoid lag issues;
  • -Transformed default value of temples era probability;
  • -Transformed helmets HUD


  • -compatibility with Minecraft 1.6.2


  • -HUD overlay with all the helmet


  • -Transformed armor appears (texture) in 3rd person look at



  • -fixed concern with boss despawning when transforming/restarting world;
  • -fixed problem with planet generator when likely to sunlight in another conserve, it would lead to to the arena not really be generated;
  • -fixed small problems with sun world era;
  • -transformed spawn conditions to mobs have the ability to spawn in sunlight;
  • -set bug that trigger the boss to help keep shooting arrows following the target died;


  • -created sunlight temple;
  • -created sunlight soldiers statue and its own entity;
  • -made config file;
  • -additional structures with spawners and chests to the dimension;
  • -additional ore/cave era to the dimension;
  • -produced SolidLava block;
  • -added brand-new fuel;
  • -recipe for lava bucket;


  • -changed near range strike of the Boss;
  • -somewhat increased the performance in a few tools;


  • Added sunlight boss, sun variations of vanilla mobs, carbon protected equipment, carbon block, carbon dirt, carbon liquid, carbon dietary fiber, fake chest.
  • Transformed Suns ambient.
  • Fixed issue with the things not taking harm.
  • Implemented way-back again portal.
  • Added speak to the saber.
  • Fixed minor concern when walking over drinking water.
  • Changed fire safeguarded layer recipe.Set other minimal bugs.

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2


For Minecraft 1.5.2



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