Summer Decorations Command Summer Decorations Command Block adds in Decorations that you’re able to add to your beaches. These include Beach Chairs, Parasols, Lifeguard Chairs and Sand Castles. Screenshots: Command Block Showcases: Instructions: You’ll get the crafting recipes and how to destroy a decoration when you right-click the START sign. But here are the crafting

Summer Decorations Command Block

Summer Decorations Order Block provides in Decorations that youre in a position to increase your beaches. Included in these are Beach Seats, Parasols, Lifeguard Chair and Sand Castles.


Summer Decorations Command Block
Summer Decorations Command Block

Control Block Showcases:


Youll obtain the crafting dishes and how to ruin a decoration once you right-click the beginning sign. But listed below are the crafting quality recipes anyways:

  • Parasol: 4 sticks, 10 red dye and 10 whitened banners.
  • Beach Seat: 4 sticks, 4 quartz slabs.
  • Lifeguard Seat: 3 iron trapdoors, 8 sticks and 1 quartz slab.
  • Sand Castle: 2 sand and something wood shovel.


  • Simply click the DESTROY to remain the machine.
  • Should you choose this, the drumkit will remain into your planet.
  • You cant take it off or utilize the spawn egg though.
  • In order to destroy all the furniture on earth, use this special order: /kill @electronic
  • Watch out, if you are using that, you wont obtain the spawn eggs back again from the positioned decorations.

Summer Decorations Order

For Minecraft 1.10.x and 1.9.x

Download from Server 1 Download from Server 2


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