What does this mod do?Graves, Grave Models and how to change them:Grave Inventory:Grave Beams and Armor Rendering:Decorative Graves:Video:How to install Gravestone Mod: Gravestone Mod Download Links What does this mod do? When a player dies, a grave will pop up, containing a small honor message, your name and the items you have lost on death.

Subarakis Gravestone Mod

What will this mod perform?

When a gamer dies, a grave will pop-up, containing a little honor message, your title and the things you have dropped on death.

A grave will ALWAYS appear, regardless of what. In the event that you die above or in lava, the grave will seek out any close strong block to spawn on. try trivia area for more information on grave spawning

Graves, Grave Versions and how to shift them:

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Their are usually 9 models available that it is possible to choose. Simply push M on your own keyboard and a menu revealing all graves arises, letting you select whichever grave you need. The model you select will end up being remembered even with you log out.
The Key could be customized in Minecrafts Control Configurations menu.

Graves constantly spawn facing east, however they could be rotated while sneaking (default, hold Shift crucial and right click on block). They will have 32 rotate stances. (every click on makes it switch 11.5�)

Graves have a little possibility of spawning a lot of bones under your grave
Destroy the prevent to gather quite a few bones

Choosing between all models on the Grave gui

Rotating you grave !

Locating your personal remains under your own grave

Grave Stock:

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Graves include an stock that gets filled up with the players stock if they die.
The items could be taken back in several ways :

  • If the grave is focused on you :
  • Best click on the grave to open up its interface. It is possible to remove any items you prefer
  • Mine the grave. All products will be dropped, and you will choose them up.
  • if the grave is from another person :
  • Best click on the grave to open up its interface. It is possible to loot 1 product. then the grave will undoubtedly be sealed, no more items could be taken out.
  • If the ball player from whom the gravestone is usually, and that participant is offline, it is possible to mine the grave. If the ball player is online, you can't
    that is mainly to avoid grievers from putting graves everywhere.

-Take note that items could be taken out, however, not positioned in.
-If a player eliminates something, the grave will undoubtedly be sealed to everyone, except the dog owner.
which means that 1, and only one 1 item could be taken.

-In innovative mode, it is possible to fill graves with products.

Acquiring your grave, and taking right out the loot

not really your grave ? choose prudently !!

Grave Beams and Armor Rendering:

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IF :
-the grave can be your grave
-the grave has items

then your grave will emit a beam and enable you to find it back again easely.

If you passed away with armor on (helmet, chest), these armor items will undoubtedly be rendered on the bust grave !

grave with items

Grave with armor products

I believe i passed away over there

Decorative Graves:

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-You can craft a Decorative grave as well.

To create a grave, the grave will require some arguments.
It requires :

  • a playername
  • a death message/honor information
  • a meta/type of grave design

To check out these, use commands, used anytime ! make sure to contain the item in your hands.

/grave established

  • meta + lots from 1 to 9.
    (tip: push M to have a look at the graves. they will have their respective amounts )
    example: /grave place meta 2
  • title + a word (no areas !! Artix all mighty isn't a valid title. Artix_all_mighty will be !)
    example: /grave set title George.W.Bush
  • information + a phrase. In order to set a whole sentence, use _ to room what ! example: /grave set information I_was_more_Famous_then_my_doggy_!
  • information2 + a word. identical to above. only this information will come Following the name.

You will need all 4 arguments to help make the grave spawn properly. if you would like message or information2 to be nothing, simply complete an underscore ( _ )

-Or you can even craft some bones for enjoyable and decorative finishes.

inflated *

Video clip:

How exactly to install Gravestone Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Subarakis Gravestone Mod
  • Put Subarakis Gravestone Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.4




For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



Other Variations:

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For Minecraft 1.5.1



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