Video:How to install: Mod Download Links This Mod is based on the Features from the series of Star Wars Originaly Created by George Lucas. Then sold to Disney. Features: The Crystal Ores are probably the most important thing about this mod as of yet. You need them to craft almost everything. The Normal Crystal ore:

Star Wars Mod

This Mod is founded on the Functions from the group of Celebrity Wars Originaly Developed by George Lucas. Then marketed to Disney.


The Crystal Ores are most likely it is important about this mod by yet. You will need them to craft almost anything.

THE STANDARD Crystal ore:

  • Spawns In the Minecraft Entire world
  • Spawns below layer (y coordinate): 12
  • Only spawns Around 3 ores at exactly the same place
  • Gets the ID: 600
  • Harder than normal Ores: .setHardness(6F); regular: (3F)
  • The Nether Crystal ore:

  • Spawns in the Nether Globe
  • Spawns below layer (y coordinate): 50
  • Only spawns Around 3 ores at exactly the same place
  • Gets the ID: 601
  • Harder than normal Ores: .setHardness(6F); regular: (3F)
  • The Holocron was a concept in one of you men out there. Its possible in the mod does not have any come method beyond what I considered it. It is utilized to craft different of cool things and is also a fairly cool searching block itself. The consistency goes great with it aswell.

    THE STANDARD Holocron:

    THE STANDARD Holocron may be the one it is possible to craft and make use of for other what to be designed. It glows at night and is merely awesome.

  • Gets the ID: 602
  • is 4/3 times harder compared to the Crystal Ores.
  • Glows at night: .setLightValue(1F);
  • The Phony Holocron:

    The Phony Holocron was made therefore whenever you create an instantaneous Hut and there arises some Holocrons occasionally, they're Fake, meaning it is possible to craft anything using them.

  • Gets the ID: 603
  • is 4/3 times harder compared to the Crystal Ores.
  • Glows at night: .setLightValue(1F);
  • LightSabers and Blasters will be the Major Weapons in the Superstar Wars collection. With Jedis or Siths making use of Sabers and Rebels, Stormtroopers, Drones and Clones making use of Blasters. They're both powerfull weapons contrary to the normal Minecraftians being that they are either crafted from, or capturing out some Crystal(s).


  • They can be found in 4 different colors (reddish, blue, natural and purple)
  • Both do 14 Damage (method above regular swords)
  • They have the opportunity to close and open up at in history.
  • When shut they needless to say dont do exactly the same damage.
  • They will have the IDs: 3014 3017
  • They use their very own Enum class (just modders realize)
  • They will have Unlimited Uses being that they are not to be damaged.
  • U can only just possess 1 lightsaber in ur hand at that time.
  • Blasters:

    The Blasters are being under growth but I nevertheless added a bow edition of these anyhow. So go on and attempt them out. They must be 1 hit of all of the mobs and npcs.

    The very first thing I added had been the mods very own Tab. Because what else can you add when you change from ML to FML? (ModLoader to ForgeModLoader)

    The Celebrity Wars Tab:

  • It will continually be ingame because the ID is transforming when there is another mod(s) set up: (CreativeTabs.getNextID());
  • It gets the Name: The Superstar Wars Mod
  • It offers every Item from the mod inside it
  • Uses a custom made Icon.
  • THE MOMENT Holocron Hut is manufactured by right-clicking on the floor with an Quick Hut Wrench searching Item. THAT has 10 utilizes and will after after that destroy itself.

    THE MOMENT Hut Item:

  • It provides 10 uses then it is destroyed
  • It gets the ID: 3022
  • The Consistency is sort of temporary, therefore if u need, u can deliver one directly into us and we might add it, based if we enjoy it
  • Final on the checklist for now we possess all this. The Crystal may be the Item you obtain when mining Crystal Ores. The Handle can be used to Craft LightSabers and Blasters. The Hammer may be used to crush a Crystal into 32 Crystal Parts, which may be charged with the addition of either blue or reddish colored dye colour to it.

    The Crystal:

  • Is acquired by mining Crystal Ores
  • Gets the ID: 3000
  • Can be used to craft almost anything in the mod by yet
  • The Deal with:

  • Gets the ID: 3001
  • The Hammer:

  • Can be used to crush Crystals
  • it breaks after used, which means you have to obtain a fresh one
  • Gets the ID: 3035
  • The Crystal Item:

  • Is attained by Crushing it with a Hammer
  • Gets the ID: 3036
  • The Charged Crystal Item (Blaster Ammo):

  • Utilized as Ammo for the Blasters
  • There's 2 forms of them, one billed by lapis and another billed of crimson flower dye, it reacts to those two components
  • Gets the IDs: 3010 and 3011
  • Crafting Tested recipes:

    Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Good enough Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

    Video clip:

    How exactly to install:

    • Download and install Minecraft Forge
    • Download Celebrity Wars Mod
    • Put Superstar Wars Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate it
    • Done

    For Minecraft 1.6.4



    For Minecraft 1.6.2



    Other Variations:

    Present Spoiler

    For Minecraft 1.4.7




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