Mod Features:Mod Screenshots:Items:Blocks:Special attacks(items need to be charged):Passive special attacks (automatic, no clicking required/items need to be charged):Mod Download Links This mod is fully inspired by an MMORPG “RuneScape“. The mod makes it possible for you to charge your weapons. When charged, weapons can execute special attacks and also have 100 higher durability. To charge

Special Attacks Mod

This mod is completely motivated by an MMORPG RuneScape . The mod allows for you to cost your weapons. When billed, weapons can execute particular attacks and possess 100 higher toughness. To cost a weapon, basically surround it with Crystals of Power. Please be aware that the weapon needs to be totally unused. To use a dynamic special attack quickly remaining click right click on left click on. You have 1 2nd to take action. Passive special assaults dont require clicking on and so are fully automatic. Special episodes require special power which may be restored by consuming Energy Potions. Your time also regenerates for a price of 5% every 15 seconds. Energy Potions could be created by smelting Crystals of Power, which spawn the same as diamonds however in bigger stacks, and combining Liquid Energy, that you obtain from smelting, with Cup Bottles.

Mod Functions:

  • Specials attacks for several normal Minecraft weapons(when billed)
  • Special power bar
  • To employ a special attack rapidly still left click right click on left click on. You have 1 2nd to take action.
  • Passive special assaults dont require clicking on.
  • Compatible with nearly all Forge mods
  • Multiplayer suitable

Mod Screenshots:

Special Attacks Mod

Special Attacks Mod

Mod Showcases:


  • Crystal of Power Smelt to liquid power or used to cost your weapons.
  • Liquid Power Used to create potions of power.

Special Attacks Mod

  • Billed weapons

Special Attacks Mod

  • Potion of Power Restores 50% of unique energy when you beverage it.

Special Attacks Mod

  • Helmet of Energy as effective as a gemstone helm but enables you to regenerate energy 2x quicker.

Special Attacks Mod


  • Power Ore Looks much like gold ore but glows in darkish. Offers you crystals of power when mined. Could be mined with any kind of pickaxes.

Special Attacks Mod

Special episodes(items have to be billed):

  • Food cravings restore (wood sword) Saturation III for 15 seconds. Uses 100% of energy.
  • Fast heal (golden sword) Regeneration III, Level of resistance II, Fire Resistance, Drinking water Breathing for 15 secs. Uses 50% of energy.
  • Ninja get away (stone sword) Opposition II for 3 mere seconds, Invisibility for just two 2 secs. Launches you 18 blocks in the surroundings, which coupled with invisibility appears epic. Uses 50% of energy.
  • Pet Instincts (iron sword) Evening Vision, Speed, Power III for 10 mere seconds. Sort of overpowered! Uses 60% of energy.
  • Creeper get away (gemstone sword) Invisibility for just two 2 secs. Launches you 5 blocks in the air flow and creates an enormous explosion, which totally destroys everything on its route. Looks sick. Uses 60% of energy.
  • Shotgun (bow) shoots around 9 arrows simultaneously, depending on just how much arrows you possess and how much power you have gone. Each arrow uses 5% of energy bar.

Passive specific attacks (automated, no clicking required/products need to be billed):

  • Leech Foods (wooden axe) 20% potential for restoring hunger by 10% when striking mobs or gamers. Target player furthermore loses 10% of these hunger bar. Uses 5% of energy.
  • Soulsplit (golden axe) 20% potential for restoring health by 10% when striking mobs or gamers. Uses 5% of energy.
  • Leech power (stone axe) 20% potential for restoring energy by 10% when striking mobs or gamers. Target player furthermore loses 10% of these power bar. Doesnt require power.
  • Thunder (iron axe) 20% potential for hitting your focus on with a lightning bolt. Uses 15% of energy bar.
  • Vengeance (gemstone axe) 100% potential for hitting random additional harm, which depends upon your missing wellness. The less wellness you have the bigger it is possible to hit. Last hit may also develop a small explosion simply for the looks. Makes use of 15% of energy.

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the mods folder will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • Benefit from the mod.


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