Are you tired of boring dungeons with even more boring loot? Do you want more variety in mineshaft and stronghold loot? Do you wish sometimes you’d get something useful from digging through mounds and mounds of dirt? Do you wish a chance to recover some of that glass you placed? Do you want to be

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

  • Are you sick and tired of dull dungeons with a lot more dull loot?
  • Would you like more range in mineshaft and stronghold loot?
  • Can you wish occasionally youd get something helpful from digging through mounds and mounds of dust?
  • Can you wish an opportunity to recover a few of that glass you positioned?
  • Do you wish to be able to place torches on the trunk of stairs?
  • If the solution to these queries was yes after that SparcsTweaks may be the Mod for you personally.

It is a minimalist mod that just tweaks several key functions of the overall game to create it a little more rewarding and thrilling.


Torches is now able to be connected to the trunk of stair blocks:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Avoid dungeons with creeper spawners!

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Sometimes youll get yourself a cave spider spawner rather than a normal spider spawner:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Dungeons are actually a jackpot of incredible products! Sample Loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More range in mineshaft loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More range in Stronghold loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More range in Stronghold library loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod

The changes created by this mod are usually the following:

Planet tweaks:

  • Additional a 1% potential for getting a bone when busting grime/grass blocks (around about
  • 50% with Fortune III enchantment)
  • Increased potential for finding flint to 12.5% when breaking gravel blocks
  • Dungeon spawners are the same potential for Zombie, Skeleton or Spider (formerly 50% potential for Zombie spawner)
  • Additional a 10% potential for recovering a cup when damaged (both blocks and panes today)
  • Additional mineshaft loot
  • Added what to stronghold loft loot: bow, arrows, and gemstone sword
  • Added what to stronghold library loot: paintings, blaze rod, ghast tear, netherwart, cup bottles and netherquartz
  • Spider spawners in dungeons bring a 10% potential for being truly a cave spider spawner rather than a standard spider
  • Dungeons will have a 1/10 potential for getting a creeper spawner (method with caution and armor!)
  • You can connect torches to the trunk of stairs (which includes inverse stairs)
  • EnderPearl drops increased by 1 (1-3 normally instead of 0-2)
  • Additional smelting of rotten flesh into buckskin
  • Water buckets function in the Nether, but lava evaporates drinking water
  • Endermen furthermore drop the block they're carrying
  • Witch huts include a upper body with random potions and elements
  • Cave spider spawners in mineshafts decreased by almost 1/2
  • Chicken fall feathers randomly

Dungeon treasure:

  • Increased level of items in upper body
  • Decreased likelihood of getting a saddle (dont you have sufficient already?)
  • Achievable iron stack dimension doubled
  • Wheat stack maximum dimension elevated from 3 to 6 pieces (but nonetheless can find several stack)
  • If discovered, cocoa beans volume increased drastically
  • Several brand-new items added:
    • gold ingots
    • diamonds
    • lapis
    • reddish colored apples
    • bones
    • lightstone dirt
    • bow
    • arrows
    • gemstone sword
    • books
    • chain armor
    • gemstone armor
    • slime balls
    • watermelon seeds
    • pumpkin seeds
    • compass
    • clock
    • poultry eggs
    • 9 more songs disks (plus improved potential for finding one)
    • small possibility that bow, armor or gemstone sword are usually enchanted
    • random enchanted shovels, axes and pickaxes (wood, rock, gold, iron, gemstone)
    • random potions! Includes potions not really brewable!
    • Bottles o Enchantment (very uncommon)
    • Fire fees
    • Emeralds
    • potatoes
    • carrots
    • netherquartz

Mineshaft treasure additional:

  • minecarts
  • storage space minecarts
  • torches
  • driven rails
  • detector rails
  • smooth rock
  • hoppers
  • hopper carts

How exactly to install:

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Rev 12

  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.5.2
  • Set a bug that may cause errors when working with a Fortune 4 or more enchantments

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Non Forge edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Non Forge edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/

Forge edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/


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