Minecraft is one of the most multiplayer games of all time with engaging gameplay suitable for all ages. In this article, we will guide you through the most basic, easy-…

Minecraft is one of the most multiplayer games of all time with engaging gameplay suitable for all ages. In this article, we will guide you through the most basic, easy- understand Minecraft things for beginners to the cube world. Let’s start learning now!

Main content:

  • Choose  Minecraft game modes.
  • Selection of Minecraft Worlds (World Options)
  • Search, collect resources
  • Crafting self-defense tools
  • Create a map, or compass
  • Own a cute pet
  • Crafting medicine
  • Choose  Minecraft game modes

    Choosing a game mode in Minecraft is extremely important. Because this will help you have more initiative and improve the experience when playing the game. In addition, choosing a game mode also helps you avoid losing all the items that you have spent a lot of time making to get.

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    Game modes in Minecraft include:

    • Survival Mode: Players in this mode can die from hunger, thirst, running out of oxygen while swimming, running out of blood… even being attacked by monsters, and all items on their bodies will be lost after death. However, if you put the item in the Item Box, it won’t disappear.
    • Creative Mode: You will play as a Creator God, building your world from massive buildings to even living creatures. In this mode, you will not be able to die, you can even fly very high.
    • Super Hard Mode: The monsters in this mode are extremely aggressive with tremendous power. This mode is similar to survival, but when you die, the world created will disappear forever (no longer stopping at the equipment that is not put in the chest to disappear anymore). However, if you are careful, you can play the game on this super hard mode for a long time!

    Besides, in some versions of Minecraft, there are 2 sub-game modes including:

    • Adventure Mode: Helps you explore the world in Minecraft. To be able to harvest, destroy or craft something, you need to have the right tools for each type.
    • Observation Mode: You only get to see your world but from a completely different perspective. You can fly, move at lightning speed. Fly through walls or even go underground without digging…

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    Selection of Minecraft Worlds (World Options)

    Choosing the right Minecraft world for your playstyle will help give you a little advantage as well as increase the experience when playing the game. Some of the worlds in Minecraft include:

    • Default world: helps you create a world with enough basic default settings that publishers pre-set for you.

    Super flat world: a world full of flat surfaces like endless fields.

    Population world: helps you create many types of environments at will such as water, fire…

    Amplified world: help create towering mountains, long deep caves…

    World Options

    Search and collect resources

    Collect wood

    Wood is a very useful resource for new players. They help you build houses, make weapons, tools, etc. So if you are a new player, pick up as much wood as possible because they will never be superfluous.

    Crafting survival tools

    A very important survival tool, it helps you protect yourself and collect resources easily. Tools can be made from many materials, from wood to diamond. Each tool will have its own way of making and certain durability. Here are the must-have tools:

    The Ax: Helps to harvest wood faster.


    The Pickaxe: Helps you to mine stone faster

    Note: When mining ore, you should remember that stone pickaxes can dig iron, iron picks can dig gold, diamonds, …

    • Sword: Help you defend yourself against the attack of monsters, even help you kill other animals such as pigs, pigs, chickens, bears, … to get meat.

    Coal prospecting and mining

    Fire is also one of the most important things in Minecraft to help light up dark spaces, help with cooking,… To create fire, we need coal, so let’s get as much coal as possible.

    Coal swords: Use a hoe to dig into the ground 3 cells, then start digging wide until you see coal. In addition, you can also find a cave, dig deep inside it and find coal.

    Looking for food

    Food helps your character heal quickly. Food is divided into 2 categories:

    • Unprocessed (fruits, vegetables, tubers, …) found on tree branches or grown by yourself.
    • Processed (raw meat, milk, cakes,… ) can be collected when killing pigs, sheeps, bears… need to be processed and cooked to be eaten.

    Crafting self-defense tools

    Weapon Crafting

    In addition to the aforementioned sword crafting, players can also craft bows that help attack monsters from a distance. But to be able to use a bow you need a bow and arrow.

    • Materials for making bows and arrows: 3 wooden sticks and 3 silk threads.
    • Arrow materials: 1 flint, 1 wooden stick, 1 chicken feather.

    Crafting armor

    Armor is an equipment that helps protect and reduce damage to you. Armor includes helmets, armor, armor pants, and armor boots. Here is the crafting recipe:

    • Materials for making hats: 5 leather (5 gold bullion, 5 fire, 5 iron ingot, 5 diamond).


    • Materials for making armor: 8 leather (8 gold bullion, 8 fire, 8 iron ingot, diamond).


    • Materials for making armor: 7 leather (7 gold bars, 7 fire, 7 iron bars, 7 diamonds).


    • Materials for making armor shoes: 4 leather (4 gold bullion, 4 fire, 4 iron ingot, 4 diamonds).

    Create a map, or compass

    • Map: used to observe the explored terrain area. You start with a small map, then gradually increase the size to suit the terrain you are exploring. The main material to make the map is sugarcane, you can give the map to your friends to increase the good experience when playing the game.
    • Compass: shows your location on the map. The main material to create the compass is iron.

    Owning a pet

    Including dogs, cats, pigs, bears,… to tame them and take them home, you need to feed them until they trust you. Not only that, you can let them multiply so you can create more pets without having to spend time catching them.

    Crafting medicine

    Medicines are functional foods that help bring many beneficial effects to the player. Typical would include:

    • Magma Cream: Used to prepare fire extinguishers, according to the formula of 1 binder and 1 fire powder.
    • Yellow watermelon: Used to prepare potions to increase health, according to the recipe of 1 watermelon and 8 golden seeds.
    • Yellow Carrot: Used to restore energy, one yellow carrot can restore 3 food bars. In addition, it is also used to produce medicine, the main raw materials for processing yellow carrots are 8 yellow seeds and 1 carrot.


    We have learned together what to do when playing Minecraft. What are you waiting for, download Minecraft now to have great gaming moments! Don’t forget to share the post with everyone, please!



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    Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.