S.T.F.U. (Silence Talking From a Username) does exactly what you’d expect: it allows you to mute certain players from the chat with a simple command. Is another player spamming the chat with nonsense or just plain bothering you? Just type /mute (or .mute) and their username and you won’t receive any more messages from that

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

S.T.F.U. (Silence Speaking From the Username) does just what youd expect: it enables you to mute specific players from the speak to a straightforward command. Is another participant spamming the speak to nonsense or simply plain bothering you? Simply kind /mute (or .mute) and their username and you also wont receive any longer messages from see your face.


  • ModLoader/Forge/Vanilla compatible (will not require ModLoader/Forge)
  • Works on basically any server even though they don't have the /ignore order enabled
  • Will not need you to end up being an operator of the server
  • Persistant mutelist (works between servers, customer relaunches, and MC improvements)

Commands (note: all instructions can use . rather than /)

  • /mute Blocks all communications from the ball player
  • /unmute Unblocks all text messages from the ball player
  • /listmutes Lists all muted players (you can even make use of /mutelist)
  • /clearmutes Clears all muted gamers
  • /mutehelp Get assist for the instructions


Order: /mute Toxicsick

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

Control: /mute xJustGetRealHD

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

Order: /unmute Toxicsick

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

Control: /clearmutes

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

Order: /mutehelp

Silence Talking From a Username Mod

Set up:

  • Drag the class document into your minecraft jar and replace the initial class file. This technique is equivalent to installing any mod



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1



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