Adds Horses. Only Horses, only one breed, but tameable and rideable Horses. Very simple, you don’t need any additional gear or items Gameplay information: Screenshots: Naturally spawned herd Wild Horse and Horse Spawn Egg Wild Foal Tame Horse Tame Foals A saddled horse Riding the horse Installation: Backup your minecraft.jar Install ModLoader Don’t forget to

Roxas Horses Mod

Provides Horses. Only Horses, only 1 breed of dog, but tameable and rideable Horses. Very easy, you dont want any extra gear or products

Gameplay details:

Present Spoiler Horses just spawn in the Plains Biome .
To spawn horses in creative mode utilize the dark brown spawn egg.
Horses generated by the overall game are crazy Horses.
It is possible to tame them with red apples . But be cautious, they speed away in the event that you arrived at close!
Tipp: Riding an currently tame horse you're faster than crazy horses!
But also tame horses dont follow you prefer a dog, you need to either trip them or lure them having an apple.

Wilde horses have darkish hip and legs and an eel back again (dark range on the trunk).
Tame horses have white hip and legs and a white tag on the top .

Just tame Horses follow the ball player if he is keeping a red apple company.
Just tame Horses mate.
It is possible to mate horses with red apples.
Just foals from tame Horses are tame.

Saddling the Horse: correct click on with Saddle on a tamed equine.
To obtain the saddle off best click having an empty Hand.
To mount/dismount the horse best click on with something in your hands (but simply no red apple, which will get the equine into love mode).
The horse could be ridden in 4 various gaits, even backwards!
To steer the equine while riding, tap W (you dont need to hold it lower) to help make the horse quicker, tap S to slower it down/move backwards. Keeping down A and D turns the equine.
You dont require a carrot on a adhere to steer them.
The equine will jump two blocks high in the event that you press space.
Be cautious: A Equine doesnt like entering the drinking water while ridden. It will get very stubborn and you also need to dismount it.
The horse furthermore may disobey you if it's been ridden lately. Just present it a red apple company (you dont need to feed it) so when soon since it follows you, it is possible to mount it once again. It now can do anything you want.

Crazy Horses have Health 15, tamed ones have 20.
Horses drop 0-2 leather on loss of life.


Normally spawned herd

Wild Equine and Equine Spawn Egg

Crazy Foal

Roxas Horses Mod
Tame Horse

Tame Foals

A saddled horse

Riding the horse

Set up:

  • Back-up your minecraft.jar
  • Install ModLoader
  • Dont overlook to delete the META-INF folder!
  • Unzip the Roxas Horses Mod
  • Open up your minecraft.jar (simply because you did for ModLoader)
  • Drag and drop from the put content material into minecraft.jar in to the minecraft.jar, then near it
  • Copy from the put articles into .minecraft recources in to the recources folder (into .minecraft/recources NOT the jar-file or even .minecraft/bin!!!) In any other case you wont possess the equine sounds.
  • Run minecraft, appreciate!



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7




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