OverviewCurrent Hostile Mob Additions:Download Links Overview This mod is a Pokémon themed Forge mod weakly named after Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. For now, it is mostly a piece of art. It is not intended to reproduce any official Pokemon game. The mod mostly focuses on mob models since they scale with minimal change

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod


This mod is really a Pok�mon themed Forge mod weakly called after Pok�mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. For the present time, it is mainly a bit of art. It isn't designed to reproduce any established Pokemon video game.

The mod mostly targets mob models given that they scale with reduced change with Minecraft improvements. When Minecraft are more steady for modding, the mobs can be more sophisticated in action. Items, blocks and planet generation is really a goal once the mod can proceed to Beta.

The mobs are mainly inspired by past preferred games/movies, which range from the more popular Final Fantasy collection and kami to even more obscure video games like Legaia 2: Duel Saga and Dominant Species (1998).

Present Hostile Mob Additions:

Bandersnatch Fennekin

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Taiga, Tundra, Snowfall Mountains, Frozen Sea, Frozen River
  • Drop: stay, snowball
  • Rare Fall: blaze rod, nether wart, gradual sand

This arctic dwelling fox loves to steal the sanity of its targets with blindness and sluggish. Extremely fast but frail and fragile damage attack. Don't let your guard lower, Bandersnatch Fennekin continues to be a fire-type and will from time to time set its targets burning.

Trivia: An innovative interpretation of the Bandersnatch, the theory because of this Fennekin was motivated by the Bandersnatch creature from Last Fantasy VII by Squaresoft.

Demon Vulpix

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Nether, Desert, Plains, Intense Hills
  • Drop: document
  • Rare Fall: blaze rod, nether wart, gradual sand

This masked, Nether spawning Vulpix episodes with furious fire, upping its strike as you obtain closer. Melee combat isn't recommended at all.

Rarely spawning strong within the planet earth, neither drinking water nor fire hurts it. Nonetheless it has a peculiar weakness for those who have it with you

Trivia: The ornamental look with this Vulpix is influenced by the Tube Fox from the overall game kami by Clover Studio.

Doomstone Leafeon

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Plains, Desert, Extreme Hills, Snowfall Mountains, Forest Hills, Taiga Hills, Jungle Hills
  • Fall: bone, cobblestone
  • Rare Fall: rock block, coal ore, additional bones

This lumbering, durable doomstone includes a decent assault. The Leafeon suffers no knockback and is usually immune to fire and lava. It isn't weak to water nonetheless it cant swim and can drown eventually. It really is susceptible to Smite enchantment. But amusingly, gravity is most likely its even worse weakness.

Trivia: Doomstone Leafeon had been motivated by the doomstone course fiends from Last Fantasy X by Squaresoft.

Infested Deerling

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Forest, Swamp, Jungle
  • Drop: stay, slime golf ball, rotten flesh
  • Rare Fall: nether wart, natural beef, mycelium

The plague ridden Deerling will be frail and incredibly weak with strike but a little fast to move. Nonetheless it packs plenty of status effects which includes sluggish, poison and blindness.

Very little of a threat alone but coupled with others, can significantly change the results of battle.

Trivia: The visual idea is situated the Infestor device from Starcraft II by Blizzard Enjoyment.

Zombie Flareon

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Nether, Plains, Desert, Severe Hills
  • Fall: rotten flesh, yellowish wool
  • Rare Fall: blaze powder, extra yellowish wool, blaze rod

The gradual and frail Zombie Flareon provides heavy attack strength and fire aspect possibility. Water ruins its day time in a hurry therefore keep a bucket convenient. Remember water will not assist you in the Nether!

Trivia: The initial model features more bloodstream and gore textures to it. Those possess since already been toned down. It really is no much longer planned to utilize significant bloodstream and gore to the mods style.

Zombie Leafeon

Pok�mon: Disciples of Corruption Mod

  • Spawns: Forest, Taiga, Jungle, Swamp
  • Drop: reddish colored mushroom, dark brown mushroom
  • Rare Fall: mycelium

This fungi infested Leafeon hits solid. It has restricted armor carried over from the normal Leafeons high protection. A bow will ruin its time though.

Trivia: The fungus factor was inspired with a inclination for mushrooms to cultivate where lifeless or decaying plant life existed.

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one
  • Benefit from the mod




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