Command Block Showcase:Command: Working Pokeballs and Poketraps made in vanilla Minecraft with only one command block. You gotta catch them all! After you copied the command in a command block, you can craft pokéballs by dropping on the ground a redstone dust, a button and an iron ingot. To make a trap, drop on ground

Pokeball and Poketraps Command Block

Functioning Pokeballs and Poketraps manufactured in vanilla Minecraft with only 1 order block. You gotta capture them all! Once you copied the control in a order block, it is possible to craft pok�balls by dropping on the floor a redstone dirt, a key and an iron ingot. To produce a trap, fall on surface in the place you need the trap to become a pok�golf ball, an iron block and a redstone block. The pok�traps are certain to get trapped all mobs moving in a redius of 2 blocks from their website and they cant try to escape from it if you don't ruin the trap or eliminate them.

Order Block Showcase:

How exactly to install:

  • To include any one-command development to your world, very first give yourself a control block with /give @p minecraft:order_block .
  • Next, stick it and paste the next command within it.


For Minecraft 1.8


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