Important information:How to use:PixelCam Mod Download Links PixelCam mod transfers the basic functionality of the Camera Studio Mod to Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.9. This mod is addressed to anyone who wants to make a video in-game and have an in depth control over the camera displacement. It allows you to create a path that

PixelCam Mod

PixelCam mod transfers the essential efficiency of the Digital camera Studio Mod to Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.9. This mod is tackled to anyone who would like to produce a video in-game and also have a detailed control over the digital camera displacement. It enables you to develop a path that the ball player will immediately follow, handle what the player views along this route, and create the players precise rate through a worldwide timing for his journeying, all this through instructions.


  • Documenting Timelapses
  • Cinematic Films
  • Smooth Digital camera Paths

Mod Showcases:

Important info:

This mod won't permit you to cheat at all. If you need to utilize this mod on a server, youll need to be in Gamemode 1 and also have the permissions to utilize the /tp command in any other case the server might kick you.

How exactly to make use of:

Digital camera Paths

To include points to the digital camera path, kind /cam p

Additionally, you may use the P important as a shorter solution to add a indicate the path.

In order to insert the brand new point at a particular located area of the camera route, for example because the second point, kind /cam p

To eliminate all points, kind /cam apparent

In the event that you only desire to remove a particular point, including the second point, kind /cam obvious

To teleport to a spot on the path, kind /cam goto

To start out travelling the camera route, type /cam begin

where the length is usually in the format 1h10m15s .

Automagically, the camera route is travelled easily (spline interpolation), but if you wish to traveling it in a direct line, you may use /cam begin linear

To interrupt a travel that's in procedure, enter /cam cease

If you want any help ingame, it is possible to show a help menus using /cam assist

Please note that you'll require OP in order to utilize the PixelCam Mod on a server, and Cheats allowed to utilize it in your Singleplayer planet.

Digital camera Tilt

With the PixelCam Mod, it is possible to tilt the digital camera.

Keeping the J essential tilts the watch counter-clockwise, the L essential tilts the see clockwise.

By pushing the K key, it is possible to reset the digital camera tilt.

By keeping the Ctrl crucial ( on Macintosh) while tilting the digital camera, it is possible to tilt more specifically.

Most of these keybindings can be personalized in the Handle settings.

Route Visualization

To toggle the road visualization, push the O essential. The green series represents the Camera Route with spline interpolation, the reddish colored collection with linear interpolation.

How exactly to install:

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