The AllocatorThe Jump PadThe Chest TrapThe Light Sensor It introduces some new block types (that can be installed separately, if you want to) Contents: The Allocator Default ItemID: 200 Description: The Allocator sucks in items at the input and throws them out at the output. If a chest or a dispenser is connected to it,

Pfaeffs Mod

It introduces some new block varieties (which can be installed individually, in order to)


The Allocator

Default ItemID: 200

Explanation: The Allocator sucks in products at the insight and throws them out at the result. If a chest or perhaps a dispenser is linked to it, it'll be utilized as input/result.

The Leap Pad

Default ItemID: 205

Description: Products and players onto it will undoubtedly be thrown in the atmosphere.

The Upper body Trap

Default ItemID: 201

Description: Such as a normal chest, nonetheless it will result in adjecent blocks/redstone when products are being place in or applied for.

The Gentle Sensor

Default ItemID: 206

Description: Like the daylight sensor, but rather of placing out a signal that's dependend on the positioning of sunlight, it places out a signal according to the actual amount of lighting dropping onto this block.

Be sure you have no additional mods set up that make use of those crafting recipes. Furthermore make sure to Back-up your savegame (no-one knows).

Set up:

  • Download and install Modloader
  • After that extract the archive and place all files in the modfiles folder (not really the folder itself) into your minecraft.jar

In order to be able to modify Block IDs, you will need to duplicate the pfaeff folder into your Minecraft directory (for windows, that might be %appdata%/.minecraft ). After that you can adjust the IDs by editing the mod.attributes file. In the event that you dont desire to install specific mods, it is possible to take the particular mod data files out. Those documents are:

  • mod_Allocator
  • mod_JumpPad
  • mod_ChestTrap
  • mod_LightSensor

Perform not remove the mod_Pfaeff document or any document that doesnt focus on mod_, because those data files may be required for some of these mods. You can even switch them off in ModLoaders config document config/ModLoader.cfg .



  • Added the Lighting Sensor



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