Do your best ideas of master piece fall down because wool art is too huge? Do you feel need of drawing nice word or men’s organ on friend’s house? Or writing a long long letter on sign full of love and friendship? Too lazy to grab lots of items droped around? Or don’t know good

Panicle Craft Mod

  • Perform your very best ideas of master item collapse because wool artwork is too massive?
  • Can you feel want of drawing nice phrase or mens organ on close friends house? Or writing an extended long letter on indication full of like and friendship?
  • Too lazy to seize lots of products droped around?
  • Or dont know great way to draw entities?
  • Do you currently bored jumping around carrying out nothing?

Here we've for you personally:

  • Canvas blocks for the good painting abilities!
  • All sized and all coloured brushes!
  • Broom to completely clean mess around!
  • Playeble chess game to talk about good video game with a pal!
  • And many more to come!!!


Products and Blocks:

Present Spoiler Broom

Collects products around

MaxDamage: 3072(automagically)
Radius: 6(automagically)


Like Broom nevertheless, you can swich it on or off

CanBreakFrame: correct (automagically)
CanBreakPainting: true (automagically)
CanCutWool: true (automagically)
MaxDamage: 3072 (automagically)
Radius: 6 (automagically)

Sign Edit Device

Enables you to change the written text on indication(and adv. sign) correct click
And you will rotate indication(and adv. sign) correct click + change

MaxDamage: 1024(automagically)

Advanced Indication

It possess variable amount of rows

Adv.Indication can copy textual content from Adv.Sign or even Sign (Right click on, To completely clean text press change and right click on)
Right select Adv.Sign will open up(click on) block after it.

It is possible to write in virtually any language
You may use ctrl + v, c, x
Copy and paste control keys copies and pastes all of the text
For COLORED textual content:

Text colour codes.
Use � accompanied by the corresponding colour letter/number; electronic.g. �a will provide you with bright green.

Painting Block

It is possible to draw onto it


Color Brush

Enables you to pull the painting block

In the event that you didnt change colour you may use it such as a eraser
It is possible to paint it in virtually any color.
If cheats enabled or in creative mod you may use /PaintBrushColor command.

You can view rgb info by pushing shift

Chess Table

you can have fun with chess =)

It save game state once you break it


shoot products (EntityItem)

Wooden Chests

can shop EntityItem

Enchant Remover

Get rid of enchant from product (in craft)

Improved Upper body

64 slot machine games chest with upgrade assistance

Shift right select upgrade to open improve gui/container




Transportable Workbench

Right click on to open up gui


Right click on to
BioBot Controller


Display Spoiler Variety


Present Spoiler Cannon

getDirection() come back Direction
getHeight() return Elevation
getStrength() return Power

setDirection(amount from 0 to 359) come back null
setHeight(number from 0 to 90) come back null
setStrength(number from 0 to 10) come back null

BioBot Controller

activity(num a, num b )
getInfo(num the, num b )
(a and b you can view in gui)

getRobot returns num

getRobotList come back string

PaintBrush TurtleUpgrade

getRow() come back painting row (at top of turtle)
useBrush(x, y) come back true or false (fake if row


AcmaTvirus AcmaTvirus
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