What is Painter’s Flower Pot?How to use:How to install Painter’s Flower Pot Mod: Painter’s Flower Pot Mod Download Links What is Painter’s Flower Pot? Vanilla Minecraft flower pots introduced a new aesthetic into the game that was both welcome and visually pleasing. With the good comes the bad, however – you can’t color them, you

Painters Flower Pot Mod

What's Painters Floral Pot?

Vanilla Minecraft floral pots introduced a fresh aesthetic in to the game that has been both welcome and visually satisfying. With the nice comes the bad, nevertheless you cant colour them, you cant plant additional mods vegetation and saplings inside them, and theyre simply plain boring (but certainly within scope of the vanilla online game)!

Do you want to plant nearly any plant or leaf prevent in the floral pot? Think about coloring the pot, or plating it in iron, gold, gemstone or emerald? Are usually rainbow shades your thing? Each one of these are now achievable using this revolutionary, but simple, floral pot. Furthermore, the cactus rendering provides been reimagined to include a truer cactus-like appearance with spines.


Painters Flower Pot Mod

Painters Flower Pot Mod

Painters Flower Pot Mod

Painters Flower Pot Mod

Painters Flower Pot Mod

Crafting Tested recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Sufficient Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

To craft the Painters Floral Pot, you need to first shape it making use of three clay in a crafting desk as proven below.

Once youve developed your Unfired Painters Floral Pot, the next phase ought to be fairly straightforward you need to fire it in a furnace!

How exactly to make use of:

  • You must location soil in the pot before you plant anything. Location soil in the pot by right-clicking with a legitimate soil prevent. If the prevent is ground-type, sand-kind, or grass-type, it'll work.
  • Vanilla plant life, including blossoms, mushrooms, saplings, crazy grasses, and cacti loosely follow vanilla planting guidelines. Cacti and lifeless bush should be planted in a materials identified in the overall game as sand, mushrooms in mycelium (configurable), and the rest in grime- , grass- or ground-kind blocks.
  • Other vegetation and leaf blocks dont bring planting requirements, aside from soil must be within the pot.
  • Vanilla crazy grasses possess a configurable color-override to supply a clean, green look irrespective of biome (enabled automagically).
  • The pots could be dyed by right-clicking in it with the sixteen accessible dye types. It is possible to colour the pot in rainbow colours by right-clicking it with a glistening melon. If you would like the brand new Painters color, make use of an ender pearl.
  • The pots could be covered using nearly every regular prevent, including mod blocks. Correct click on the pot with a prevent in hand, and when the block is really a valid protect, the pot will undoubtedly be covered for the reason that blocks texture.
  • A protected pot will keep its dye colour underneath, but a pot can't be dyed although it is protected. The include must be taken out to dye the pot. Or, take away the protect to restore the initial dye color, or bottom flower pot consistency.
  • The pots have a modular structure. Left click on the pot to eject the plant, then your soil, and, if protected, the cover prevent. This technique will strip the pot of most attributes aside from the dye colour.
  • Soil, plant life, covers, and pot shades can be changed anytime. Changing soil while a plant exists, nevertheless, will eject the prevailing plant from the pot.
  • When changing the soil, plant, or cover, the prevailing attribute, if relevant, will eject from the pot for recuperation.

How exactly to install Painters Floral Pot Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Painters Floral Pot Mod
  • Customer : The downloaded zip switches into your .minecraft/mods/ folder.
  • Server : The downloaded zip switches into the /mods folder.
  • Done



  • Added include, soil, and plant prevent placement sounds.
  • Corrected first floral pot in chunk incorrectly texturing itself using one side during planet load.
  • Minor program code cleanup.
  • Fixed floral pot not getting placeable on some forms of blocks (fences, etc).

For 1.6.x


For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1



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