Nuke Minecraft! is a mod that adds 6 new Explosives! There are many ways you can use them, for example Mining, Killing Mobs or generally Having Fun! The Explosives are… The Nuke Destroy your enemies with this nuke, 6 times better than regular TNT! The Super Nuke Is there

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft! is really a mod that provides 6 brand-new Explosives! There are several ways you can utilize them, for instance Mining, Killing Mobs or usually Having Fun!

The Explosives are usually

The Nuke

  • Destroy your enemies with this particular nuke, 6 times much better than regular TNT!

The Super Nuke

  • Is there a thing that annoys you? Avoid it with the Super Nuke, 22.5 times much better than TNT!
  • It'll be eliminated, thats for certain.

The Firebomb

  • The mark will die three times if it appears on a firebomb. First of all by igniting the Firebomb with Flint and Metal (target will burn). Second of all, it dies by the explosion. And finally by the LAVA! Thats correct, that is 2.5 times much better than TNT, but additionally spawns lava on influence

The Waterbomb

  • If lava wasnt enough, today your enemies will drown to loss of life with this effective nuke

The Grenade

  • Period for revenge on those natural Creepers! Blast them down from the distance! Or possibly blast lower Endermen from the Obsidian Pilar ultimately? The possibilites are unlimited

The Large Grenade

  • Like if the grenade wasnt sufficient, this grenade is 4 times better! Because of its pounds, it cannot bounce.


Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Nuke Minecraft Mod

Tested recipes:

Nuke :

Super Nuke

Firebomb and Waterbomb:

Modification Lava Bucket to Drinking water Bucket if producing Waterbomb


Large Grenade:

Specifications: Modloader

Set up:

  • 1. Download ModLoader with the mod data files.
  • 2. Discover .minecraft, for windows open up run(home windows flag+r) and kind %AppData%
  • 3. Open up .minecraft and then open up bin and youll come across Minecraft.jar
  • 4. Open up Minecraft.jar having an archiving program(WinRAR, 7-Zip)
  • 5. Extract ModLoader into Minecraft.jar.
  • 6. DELETE the folder META-INF
  • 7. Exit WinRAR and Start Minecraft
  • 8. When minecraft has started, near it and start your .minecraft folder again.
  • 9. Place Nuke Minecraft! zip document in to the mods folder.
  • 10. Completed!

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.5


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