Whenever you click to change a noteblock’s note, a neat little GUI opens up, making it easier to change. The disabled button is the current note. How to install: How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge How To Download & Install Fabric Mods Don’t miss out today’s latest Minecraft Mods For Minecraft 1.5.2

Note Selection GUI Mod

Once you click to improve a noteblocks take note, a neat small GUI opens up, rendering it easier to alter. The disabled button may be the current note.

Note Selection GUI Mod

How exactly to install:

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For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.5

Forge: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Note-Selection-GUI-Mod-1.5.zip

For Minecraft 1.4.7

Forge edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Note-Selection-GUI-Mod-Forge-1.4.6.zip

Modloader edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Note-Selection-GUI-Mod-Modloader-1.4.6.zip


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