Niftycraft adds 6 new blocks to the game,7 Achievements,an XP orb ,a method to make creepers burn in sunlight,a new GUI window, and Cobblestone Armor. Features: Blocks: Firestarter Block Xperius Ore Dragonbone Ore Basic Housebuilder Block Advanced Housebuilder Block Portable House Blocks(variety in size and interior) Items: Dragonbone Wooden Buckets Xp Small Frame Part Big

Niftycraft Mod

Niftycraft provides 6 brand-new blocks to the overall game,7 Achievements,an XP orb ,a strategy to make creepers burn off in sunlight,a fresh GUI windowpane, and Cobblestone Armor.



  • Firestarter Block
  • Xperius Ore
  • Dragonbone Ore
  • Simple Housebuilder Block
  • Advanced Housebuilder Block
  • Portable Home Blocks(variety in proportions and inside)


  • Dragonbone
  • Wooden Buckets
  • Xp
  • Small Framework Part
  • Big Body Part
  • Poor Inside Part
  • Good Inside Part


  • Dragonbone Pickaxe
  • Dragonbone Axe
  • Dragonbone Sword
  • Dragonbone Shovel
  • Dragonbone Hoe


  • Wooden Armor
  • Rock Armor

Taken out Stuph:

  • Water Storage space Block
  • Lava Storage space Block
  • Lunar Panel
  • Rainfall Detector
  • Hay Stack Block

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Niftycraft Mod
  • Put Niftycraft Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate one.
  • Done



  • Re-wrote the complete mod
  • Added 1.6.2 compatibility
  • Forge Compatibility
  • Added much better customization choices for the portable home
  • Additional a Dragonbone Toolset
  • Set some bugs with the firestarter block




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