What is NetherX?Blocks :Mobs:Obtaining Water:Video showcase:NetherX Mod Download Links What is NetherX? Have you ever felt that The Nether was too boring with nothing to do in it? Then this mod is for you. NetherX is a large mod made to add more challenges – and rewards – to The Nether, and yet still feel

NetherX Mod

What's NetherX?

Perhaps you have experienced that The Nether has been too boring with absolutely nothing to do inside it? After that this mod will be for you personally. NetherX is really a large mod designed to add more difficulties and benefits to The Nether, yet still feel just like vanilla. Become warned though, The Nether will be harder than previously, with new monsters seeking to tear that person off This mod provides new ores, mobs, equipment, armor, a fresh liquid, plus much more actually a supply of drinking water in The Nether!

Wiki: http://netherx.wikia.com/wiki/NetherX_Wiki

Blocks :


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Three brand new ores have been put into The Nether; Ichorite, Venomite, and Necromite.

NetherX Mod

Ichorite Ore is really a common yet effective ore put into The Nether. When mined, it drops an Ichorite Shard. Ichorite Shards may be used to acquire water (see below) and will also be utilized to extends potions (like redstone) and/or as gas (this feature will undoubtedly be removed once the fueless Nether Furnace will be added).

Venomite may be the iron of The Nether. Its dependent around poison, therefore a Venomite Bucket can take poison, a Venomite Sword provides poison damage to anything you strike, and Venomite Armor provides poison immunity. It really is generally quite typical.

Necromite may be the gemstone of The Nether, and the rarest ore additional with NetherX. Its centered around withering, therefore a Necromite Sword provides withering effect to anything you strike, and Necromite Armor provides withering immunity. It really is quite useful when battling the Wither.

Some other Blocks

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Magma is really a common block now within The Nether. When mined, it becomes lava the same method ice becomes water. It also produces handful of light.

Netherthorns right now dot the top of Nether, harmful any mob that makes get in touch with with them. They are able to make very helpful traps for mobs.

Unlike additional mods, which include living developing trees to The Nether, NetherX adds the lengthy lifeless Vilewood Trees to The Nether. They could be converted to planks, sticks, chests, doorways, etc. & most importantly, wood bowls, mushroom stew becoming among the best foods to possess in The Nether. End up being warned though, wood isn't a renewable source in The Nether (because of the insufficient saplings) so utilize it wisely!

Credits to TDWP_FTW, maker of Biomes OPlenty for assist with generation.

Soul Glass is really a unique prevent acquired from smelting Soul Sand. Aside from having the ability to make cup bottles and home windows, when driven, it and all soul cup blocks above it could be walked through.

Also, Obsidian is now able to be within The Nether, in Obsidian Seashores.

There are several various other blocks additional with this particular mod, but as this write-up is getting long, you will need to discover them yourself!


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Gluttons arent the only real mob additional with NetherX, however they are definitely the hungriest! They'll eat any food from your stock when attacking, except golden meals and spider eyes. They'll also eat sugar, actually they'll prioritize eating sugars to any food! A good technique to defeating them would be to possess poisonous potatoes in your stock (ensure that you haven't any other food or glucose, because the glutton will consume that food rather) and let them strike you. They will obtain poisoned from the potato!

Credits to Firehazurd for the theory.

Because of WeirdODude for an incredible model!
HP: 10
Drops: Bones, buckskin

Another brand new mob may be the Blazing Charger. These mobs will start you into the air, causing you to take falling damage along with attack harm. Its a whole lot safer to assault these mobs with a ranged weapon after that melee weapon.
HP: 16
Drops: Steak (because the recently been cooked in heat of The Nether), leather-based

Again, because of WeirdODude for another incredible model!

Nether Spiders behave almost the same as Cave Spiders, aside from a rise in poison harm and a decline in HP. They put in a supply of bows in The Nether (arrows can be acquired from skeletons) and Spider Eye, which are essential for Potion of Weaknesses.
HP: 10
Drops: String, spider attention

Pigman will be the only mob that will not spawn normally with NetherX, and the main one you would probably want to meet. They're developed by throwing Potions of Weakness on normally (It is a glitch. Zombie Pigmen which have been spawned with a spawn egg can't be converted. Once you learn anything about Forge Hooks, PM me to greatly help repair this glitch) spawning Zombie Pigmen, and providing them with a Golden Carrot begins the conversion improvement into Pigmen. Pigmen will strike any agressive mob except creepers, and so are very helpful for defending your home.

HP: 20
Drops: Porkchops

Obtaining Drinking water:

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First look for a Poison Lake. They're quite common and may be found almost any place in The Nether.
2nd, craft a Venomite Bucket away of Venomite Ingots (just as you craft a bucket out there of iron).
Thirdly, grab some poison together with your Venomite Bucket.
After that, craft a Crystal Cauldron (same recipe since cauldrons, just with Nether Quartz rather than Iron) and fill it with poison.

Finally, right go through the Crystal Cauldron having an Ichorite Shard to purify the poison into drinking water.

A cobblestone generator may also be made making use of poison rather than water. This is ideal for making items such as brewing appears in The Nether.

Crafting Tested recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Sufficient Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

Display Spoiler Three new toolsets could be created (in exactly the same formation as almost every other toolset):

  • Venomite equipment, Netherack equipment and Necromite equipment out of Venomite Ingots, Netherrack, and Necromite Gems respectively.
  • Glowstone Torches are attained by crafting a torch but with Glowstone Dirt rather than Coal.
  • Soul Cup is acquired by smelting Soul Sand.
  • Netherbombs (you need to verify these out) are designed like TNT but with Soul Sand rather than Sand, and Venomite Buckets and Crystal Cauldrons are created out of Venomite Ingots and Nether Quartz respectively in exactly the same development as buckets and cauldrons.

Video clip showcase:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.




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