This is a Not Enough Items plugin that shows Forestry bee mutations and products in NEI. Works with the standard Recipe and Uses keys and left/right clicks. Also supports any mods that add bees to forestry, including Thaumic Bees, Extra Bess, etc. Screenshots: Miscellanea The mod is client side only, you can install it on

NEI Bees Plugin

It is a INSUFFICIENT Items plugin that presents Forestry bee mutations and items in NEI. Works together with the typical R ecipe and U ses keys and left/correct clicks.

Also works with any mods that include bees to forestry, which includes Thaumic Bees, More Bess, etc.


NEI Bees Plugin NEI Bees Plugin


  • The mod is client side just, you can set it up on a server nonetheless it will do nothing at all there. Any player may use it in SMP in addition to the server along with other players.
  • Key mutations are hidden automagically, it is possible to enable them in the config.
  • The percentages shown will be the base possibility came back by Forestry, if you can find any special circumstances (moon stage, biome, etc.) aren't considered.


Set up:

  • Drag and drop data files into Minecraft.jar



  • Set crash on bees that dont generate anything

For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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