Land protection mod. Create new towns, add members to it, set up personalised plots, configure plot/town permissions. Features: Towns Don’t be a loner. Play together by building small or big towns! Nations Join nations to build your towns next to eachother and chat more easily Town teleporting Don’t force your new recruits to walk, let

MyTown Mod

Land defense mod. Create brand-new towns, add people to it, create personalised plots, configure plot/city permissions.


  • Towns
    Dont be considered a loner. Play jointly because they build small or huge towns!
  • Countries
    Join nations to create your towns close to eachother and chat easier
  • City teleporting
    Dont force your brand-new recruits to walk, permit them reach your town fast
  • Citizens, assistants, mayors
    Towny-such as hierarchical schema
  • HeroChat like chat, town/country channel
    /ch tc /g Hi there! /l Kle �ra nussi supercool: Purchasing iridium plates!
  • Tight safety
    Protects against most mod planet changing stuff like IC mininglaser, BC quarrys, TC excavationwand etc. Tailored for FTB MindCrack modpack.
  • Permissions
    Claim only fifty percent plots for the roads therefore the one claiming close to it can utilize the other areas of the plot. Disable outsiders getting into a plot or simply cant loot or can accessibility but cant develop. Disable/enable quarries to create your plots safe from this old devil. Plus much more. Check it out making use of /t perm plot.
  • Autocomplete for several commands, tab aside /t in Sp0

Instructions and perm nodes:

Display Spoiler Foreword
Any textual content thats written such as implies that its a command argument also it should be replaced by a thing that relates to the title.
Any textual content thats written like implies that this argument is optional and need to iether be taken out or replaced by something custom made.
Any textual content thats written such as this|which means that its a selection between these.
Text written in crimson means its a order.
Text written in glowing blue behind the control means its the used permissions node an individual has to have to utilize the command.

Lists all of the possible stations and their abbrevations. Or switches the energetic channel you're chatting on.
Current stations:

/g /tr /h /tc /nc
Sends a note to the precise channel without focusing (switching) it.
For global stations theres a additional perm node that is used to permit people use funds letters in chat. Believe what you would of why i've implemented this, nonetheless it has brought a lot of peace to your server veteran gamers from the common noob.
For all stations theres a perm node which enables colour tag renaming from $ to � . /g $2 Hi green $r, regular again, $l bold textual content.

/spawn mytown.ecmd.spawn
Starts the 60 sec spawn teleportation spell. This step will be notified to everyone in localchat. That is done this method to avoid players teleporting apart in pvp or deploying it for any other fast getaway like after stealing, griefing as well as drowning. Utilize the node mytown.adm.bypass.teleportwait to disable the wait around time.

/on the internet
Shows the web players making use of their prefix and suffix. Ordered alphabetically by the title, not thinking of prefixes and suffixes.

/t �� mytown.cmd
MyTown bottom command. Aliases are usually: /mytown and /city
This permissions node must access the commands. In pex it is possible to define nodes such as this:
mytown.cmd(|.*) to provide full usage of mytown normal instructions. Dont supply the node mytown.* because which will supply the players admin instructions and bypasses getting the mod void.

/t help Shows MyTown instructions. If utilizing the argument, then exhibits the instructions for that specific team.

/t map ��
Shows the MyTown position of one's surrounding blocks/chunks. If utilizing the argument after that on turns on a computerized map display each time you cross a chunk border. Off turns this function off.
The center character is is shown a little lighter, this defines your present location.
All plots proprietor by you (utilizing the order /t assignplot from the assistant team) are displayed in yellow. All the plots your city owns are usually disaplyed in natural. Plots owned by various other towns are usually disaplyed in crimson. And plots not really claimed by any towna re in whitened.
Plots marked with the cross (X) are usually plots assigned to someone in your area. Plots marked having an O are usually claimed land. Nonclaimed property is usually marked with a underscore (_).

/t listing mytown.cmd.checklist
Lists all of the towns in video game, ordered by the amount of residents in the city from highest to lowest.

/t information
Shows information regarding a town. While getting in a city just /t may be the short edition of /t details
Town blocks: 117/992 Country: Quantum
Mayor: alphaest*
Assistants: Sp0nge, aelica
Occupants: marymarymary, GraphicRabbit, Zugill,

First range Town name, in natural means your town, reddish means somebody elses.
Second line just how many plots the city has claimed and just how many it may in total; country it belongs to.
Third line Town locals of the status Mayor.
Fourth line Town locals of the status Associate.
Fifth line Normal city residents.

/t res �� mytown.cmd.res
Shows information regarding you or the ball player you specify by their username.
alphaest* ]]
Member from: 2012-12-22 15:01:12
Last online: on-line
Person in: Quantum, Mayor
Close friends: Zugill
Buddies of: kala

First line an individual prefix, name, suffix you're querying for. The asterix implies that hes on the web.
Second line Day and time of very first login to the server (or when mytown was installed).
Third line Time and time when final online, or on the internet when hes on at this time.
Fourth line Town title which hes section of, or none; The position for the reason that town.
Fifth line That are his friends. Just shown if he's got defined any close friends.
6th line Whos friend is definitely he. Just shown if somebody has additional him as their buddy.

/t buddy add|get rid of mytown.cmd.buddy
Adds or removes gamers from your friends listing.
This list can be used with the town permissions friend, where one can define different permissions for the friends on your own plots (/t perm res or /t perm plot), or define the default for all you residents through the use of /t perm town. Close friends permissions are used Only once the plot proprietor is set making use of /t assignplot.

/t spawn �� mytown.cmd.spawn.(very own|other)
Teleport you to ultimately your town spawn or even some other city spawn simply by specifing the city name. The city spawn needs to be established beforehand utilizing the assistant group control /t setspawn.

/t fresh
Creates a fresh town by the title specified in . An individual must not be an associate of any city and the city name can't be used by any presently existing town. An individual current location can be used to claim the initial town block. For just about any city block claiming restrictions make reference to the /t claim order under city assistants.

/t take �� mytown.cmd.accept
Accepts a incoming city invite. An individual must not be an associate of any city and has to truly have a pending city invite. Make reference to the /t invite control under city assistants for more reference.

/t deny ��mytown.cmd.deny
Rejects a incoming city invite. By using this command gets rid of the pending city invite and permits some other towns to invite you. An individual must not be an associate of any city and has to truly have a pending city invite. Make reference to the /t invite order under city assistants for additional reference.

Town occupants
/t keep mytown.cmd.keep
Leave the existing town. This command can't be utilized by town mayor, make reference to /t delete to eliminate your town.

/t on-line ����
Lists the web players from your own town inside the chat.

/t perm plot|res|city �� mytown.cmd.perm.present.
Shows the existing plot, your plots or even your town permissions.

/t perm plot|res|city fixed mytown.cmd.perm.arranged. .
Sets the authorization of to the defined for the node (your present plot, all of your plots or even your town). All of the achievable permissions and their keys could be listed making use of /t perm plot|res|town. All of the permission, keys will be the same for several nodes aside from the wild description using /ta perm crazy.

/t perm plot|res|town power �� .( |all)
Forces the node kid nodes to create their ideals (for the defined essential) to inherit. While on inherit your present node values will found in the kid nodes.

City assistants
/t state�� ��mytown.cmd.state
Claims land for the town.
Specifying the argument states blocks with in the square with the particular radius from middle a person specify.
Property is claimed until one happens or even all expected blocks are usually claimed. Errors can include: Land currently claimed, Too near another town, no free of charge blocks.
The claimed block needs to be atleast a specified quantity of chunks from a town which isnt yours and isn't in your nation. This quantity could be configured in the config document.

Just how many plots a city has is described by several things:
overall blocks = perResidentBlocks + extraBlocks + nationBlocks.
perResidentBlocks = mayorMulti * (for every res: + resMulti)
nationBlocks = nationAddsPerResident * numResidents + nationAddsBlocks

mayorMulti is described in PEX by mytown.mayor.blocks.(2|4|8|16|32) default 1
resMulti is defined inside PEX by mytown.resident.blocksmulti.(2|4|8|10) default 1
extraBlocks can be place by the admin control /ta more . It could be both negative and positive. Whatever the admin feels as though doing to the city plot count.
nationAddsPerResident and nationAddsBlocks are usually defined inside the config. Default will be 0.

/t unclaim mytown.cmd.unclaim
Works similar to state, just the reverse.
Unclaimed land will eventually lose all its custom made permissions, proprietors and so forth and isn't reversible. As soon as unclaimed, anyone can state the land once again by the guidelines above. If the city available plots had transformed so the town possessed more land that it could, no extra blocks could be claimed until even more are usually freed up.

/t invite �� �� mytown.cmd.invite
Sends a city invitation to a new player that is not section of a town. The ball player can accept or deny the demand. If its approved, everyone in town will undoubtedly be notified of the ball player signing up for. If its rejected, no information will undoubtedly be given.
Make reference to non-resident group instructions /t accept and /t deny for further reference.

/t kick �� mytown.cmd.kick
Removes the ball player from city. If you are a assistant it is possible to only kick gamers. If you're the mayor it is possible to kick everyone but yourself. In the event that you, the mayor, dont desire to be in this town any more, set a fresh mayor making use of /t mayor and /t depart or delete the city making use of /t delete.

/t setspawn�� ��mytown.cmd.setspawn
Sets the city spawn. Make reference to Everyone group order /t spawn for more reference on how best to teleport. The city spawn could be anywhere on any city block thats possessed by your city.
Your present excact position and also look is saved, so watch where your watching.

/t assignplot �� �� mytown.cmd.plot
Assigns the plot you're standing/flying to the specified participant. Currently there is absolutely no command to very clear who owns a plot, it is possible to unclaim and reclaim the plot for that.

Following the plot is designated who owns the plot can perform anything onto it and the perm node buddy gets energetic if the dog owner has described any friends. City assistants and mayors can nevertheless create on the plot and can't be expelled by any authorization.
(PVP rules nevertheless apply as described in the config)

City mayor
/t associate add|remove mytown.cmd.associate
Sets a town associate rank to associate or even to resident. Assistant may also construct on all city plots just like the mayor automagically and can't be expelled from plots utilizing the town authorization node.
Assistants cannot delete expell the mayor or even delete the city or use any mayor-only command.

/t mayor mytown.cmd.mayor
Sets a fresh mayor for the city. You're given the assistant position.

/t rename �� mytown.cmd.rename
Renames the city. The brand new town name can't be already used.

/t delete mytown.cmd.delete
Deletes the city. There is absolutely no heading back!

Nation instructions

/t nation info �� ��mytown.cmd.nationinfo
Shows information regarding a nation.

/t nation checklist �� mytown.cmd.nationlist
Lists all of the nations inside the server.

City mayor, not in country
/t nation brand-new mytown.cmd.nationnew
Creates a fresh nation. The name could possibly be the identical to a town title but cannot be utilized by another nation.

/t acknowledge�� ����mytown.cmd.nationaccept
Yes its exactly the same command since joining the town. Accepts a pending country invitation.

/t deny mytown.cmd.nationdeny
And also identical to city. Rejects a pending country invitation.

City mayor, capitol of a country
/t nation invite �� ��mytown.cmd.nationinvite
Sends a good invitation to a city not in country already. The information is proven to the mayor. If the mayor isn't on the web, the invitation will fall short. If the mayor logs off following a invitation information, the invitation it's still pending. The invitation will undoubtedly be canceled if the city is definitely deleted, the invitation will be recognized, rejected or the server can be restarted.

/t country kick �� �� mytown.cmd.nationkick
Kicks the named city out of the country. Cannot kick you possess town.

/t nation exchange �� �� �� mytown.cmd.nationtransfer
Sets a fresh capitol to the country. Your town will undoubtedly be given the standard member status.

/t country delete mytown.cmd.nationdelete
Deletes a country.

City mayor, normal person in nation
/t nation keep ��mytown.cmd.nationleave
Leave your nation. Can't be utilized by the capitol.

Admin instructions and perm nodes:

Present Spoiler /ta ��mytown.adm.cmd
Order itself. This node is required to even access the subcommands. In pex you may use it such as this:
mytown.adm.cmd.(|.*) this can give usage of the control itself and all subcommands

/ta ? �� mytown.adm.cmd.
MyTown admin commands. I wont get into detail what they're and how they function. Use the ingame order listing and /pex consumer toggle debug to get your needs.

/ta perm town|plot|server|wild Displays the defined node permissions.

The entire permissions inheritance tree is similar to this:
L World-Crazy

L Town
L Resident
L Plot

The Server node will there be just to possess a default for towns to inherit from if they screw up and dont know very well what will be what. You cannot established null ideals into this or the wild-root node since they have nothing at all to inherit from.
Wild permissions certainly are a tiny bit different because you can find nodes that are worthless or too cpu-intensive to perform. Like for crazy there is absolutely no plot owner therefore setting the buddy or country node woul end up being pointless. Utilize the ingame listing to start to see the accessible permissions.
Wild:n node may be the dimension specific crazy. utilize the dimension ids because the n.

/wrk �� mytown.adm.cmd.wrk �� experimental
Switches an individual between admin and fakeadmin pex team depending if an individual has op or even not.
This command is perfect for my server so we are able to switch between play and work modes.

Once the user isn't op
1. It adds an individual into operators listing
2. It adds an individual into MFFS bypass checklist if MFFS is set up
3. It adds an individual into admin pex team (owner in case you are Sp0nge, dev in case you are alphaest)
4. It pieces your game setting to at least one 1

When the consumer is certainly op
1. it removes an individual from the operator listing
2. it removes an individual from the MFFS bypass checklist
3. It sets an individual team to fakeadmin (fakeowner in case you are Sp0nge, fakedev in case you are alphaest)
4. It units your gamemode to 0

To perform this command an individual requirements to have the aforementioned perm node as well as the to switch the team in pex therefore permissions.manage.membership.Admin or even (.owner or even .dev) is necessary for the fakegroup and fakeadmin, fakeowner, fakedev for the task group.
There is presently no chance to define yourself into which team you want you to ultimately be switched. The custom made groups for me personally and sp0nge are usually hardcoded as of this moment.
Im not necessarily sure iw ill hold this command inside this mod because its very unrelated.
So for today in order to utilize this nifty shortcut for the work, like we carry out, Set yourself in to the pex team Admin and create a new pex team called FakeAdmin which inherits from default.

/gm �� or even /op
An easier version of the /gamemode command.
Running this control without the arguments toggles your gamemode in between 0 and 1.

/setspawn �� mytown.adm.cmd.setspawn or even /op
Models the server/dimension spawn. So far as i understand its only beneficial to be utilized on overworld, dimension 0. This will not only sets the mark location for /spawn order but also changes the specific place where gamers spawn if they get killed, without bed or sign up for the server for the very first time.

/tp | /tp or even /op
The original teleport control with the difference to be interdimensional in personal to player or gamer to participant teleportation.

Admin ByPasses

This will offer you pvp rights everywhere, doesnt matter whats defined in the config.

As the node claims, you dont need to await teleport casting spells, it'll teleport you instantly.

Currently defined perms: Not one, Enter, Loot, Access, Build. Utilize the /ta perm server lay out ? command to get the present listing.
Will provide you with the defined degree bypass. It really is non-inheriting. Therefore having Build bypass will not mean it is possible to loot things.
This bypass will help you any place what your location is blocked with the message you cannot use that here or you cannot build here or you cannot loot here and so forth. Anything that isn't player particular, like those defined around permissions (quarrys, tnts etc) will nevertheless stay blocked if you don't utilize the townadmin permissions order to improve them.

Exhibits the chunks claimed by the city by using /t details

Shows the player present dimension and coordinates through the use of /t res

Illustration PEX script

MyTown Mod

Dependencies: PermissionsEx

Set up:

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