With this mod, you can create human clones, give them names, watch them grow, and have them fight along side you. Using a complicated process(which involves separating blood, and extracting the genomic DNA and injecting it into the embryo of an egg and then introducing an electrical charge to begin the growth process), You can

My People Mod

With this particular mod, it is possible to create human clones, provide them with names, watch them develop, and also have them fight with you.

Utilizing a complicated process(that involves separating bloodstream, and extracting the genomic DNA and injecting it in to the embryo of an egg and introducing a power charge to begin with the growth procedure), You could have your own individuals very quickly!

Dont you merely dislike it that you cant craft a monster spawner egg? Well you can now! Just strike a mob with a needle, to acquire a few of their blood, and separate the bloodstream, extract the genomic DNA and inject it into an egg(with bonemeal for quicker development). You can now spawn any mob you need!

When you title a clone, they'll undertake that persons skin title from Minecrafts online data source. So any new users skin will be legitimate, and permitted on your own clone.


My People Mod

Tested recipes:

Very first you need to craft a needle:

After that, to produce a human clone, correct click on, and extract some bloodstream. End up being warned though. It can do you harm and you also are sick for one minute!

Or even to clone an pet/mob assault them with it(You cannot clone Snowmen or Ender Dragons

After that craft a check tube:

And include the blood protected knife needle to the check tube

After that, craft a centrifuge:

And invest it around four test tubes. After that power it with energy (to spin totally it melts away 8 4 coal)

After that grab your today Separated Bloodstream Sample and include it to the needle to fill up the needle with the genomic DNA.

After that inject the needle into an egg with some bonemeal(to create it develop quicker).

Then, in the event that you made a human being egg, continue going, otherwise, done well, you have just produced a mob spawner egg! Yay!

In the event that you made a individual egg, place it on the floor.

Now, introduce a power(redstone) current in to the egg to start out the growing procedure.(When cloning I.R.L., they in fact bring in an electical pulse in to the sample to begin with the development)

My People Mod

Right now after about 2 times of minecraft, the egg should hatch, and a small clone will pop out! Hip hip hooray!

Furthermore, if you want to understand where your clones are usually, it is possible to craft a Clone Tracker like therefore:

Then correct click to create up a GUI displaying all your clones:

My People Mod

Then select a clone you need your Clone Tracker to indicate, and click on done:

My People Mod

Your Clone Tracker will now stage towards the specified clone.

(The Clone Tracker will automatically stage towards your spawn stage if you don't have a clone place (In the nether and Finish, the Tracker won't work))

The majority of the Clones GUI will be self explanatory, however, many of the confusing types are:

  • Curious : Make sure they are appear around randomly. If you would like solemn guards, maintain this off
  • Break More Blocks : This wasnt likely to be a choice, until a clone broke my mattress to access a log close to everything this does, is shows the clone if they're allowed to break additional blocks, to allow them to get to the people which they want. Utilize this if they're mining with you, or simply choping lower trees in a forest

Groups dont work perfectly right now. Traitors will strike you, but coloured groups dont attack eachother. Today, go combat some monsters!

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download My Individuals Mod
  • Put My People Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. If one will not exist, generate one
  • Done



  • Additional a copy function for when in innovative mode

For Minecraft 1.6.4


For Minecraft 1.5.2




For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7




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