This mod adds weapons, tools, and some creepy bugs that will make your minecraft game a lot more interesting! This mod is also called the Anti Plant Virus mod or The Mutant Bugs. Biome Usable Items Tools, Weapons, Armors Blocks Mobs Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Download Mutant Bugs Mod Unzip file Put Mutant

Mutant Bugs Mod

This mod adds weapons, tools, plus some creepy bugs which will make your minecraft video game a lot more fascinating! This mod can be known as the Anti Plant Virus mod or The Mutant Bugs.


Present Spoiler Virus Forest
Mutant Bugs Mod
This biome will spawn bugs! and therere spider webs, poisoned drinking water, weird look blossoms, spiky vines! (but this biome offers some good stuffs inside it) also low light degree, or its kinda darkish in right here.

Usable Products

Display Spoiler Anti Plant Virus A
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Throw it on to the floor will create the surrounding trees vanish

Anti Plant Virus B
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Use it on to the floor will create the surrounding grasses vanish

Virus Seeds
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Fall from bugs
  • Put some sugars to improve the amount

Hyourougan or Food Golf ball (not soccer)
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • three times usage
  • Provides heart per as soon as

Potion of Purification
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Offers you a heart
  • Can stack them to 32
  • Quick beverage!

Potion of Moonlight
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Offers you a night vision impact

Poison Needles
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Fall from Carrier Bug
  • It is possible to put and utilize it in the dispenser

Equipment, Weapons, Armors

Present Spoiler Virus Sprouts
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Make from Storage space Organ of the herpes virus
  • Basic item to create Little Crystals of Virus

Little Crystal of Virus
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Basic item to create some tools

Mutant Bugs Mod

Harvest Setting

  • It may be a sickle, hoe, or scythe
  • Right go through the grime to till it 3�3
  • Still left click to decrease the crops and plant them 3�3 (for those who have some seeds in your inv)
  • Utilize it to harvest the crops will get some xps

Combat Setting

  • Atk 3.5
  • Even more deadly if your wellbeing is low
  • Right select mob use a deadly hit! or armor piercing (when mobs health is leaner than fifty percent?)

Pale Moon
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Atk 0~4.5
  • Right select mob to produce a special attack (Region Atk/drain your food cravings bar)

Cross of Suppression
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Atk 3 (+1 to undead)
  • It offers you power but sometime offers you slowness or weakness
  • Right click on + directions to create a quick action (drain some food cravings bar)

Mutant Bugs Mod

  • It is possible to fix the various tools by place some virus seeds

Virus Bud
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Basic item to create Crystal of Virus

Crystal of Virus
Mutant Bugs Mod >>> Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Useful for upgrade some equipment

Wing Footwear
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Cause you to jump higher
  • Reduce dropping damage

Night Fixed
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • The materials are usually drop from Night time Bug
  • Reduce 1/2 damage (20% opportunity, or 50% possibility if complete set)
  • More powerful than iron but weaker than gemstone

Serupinea Arranged
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • The components are fall from Serupinea Bug
  • Increase protection if complete set
  • Stronger than buckskin but weaker than chained

Serupinea Equipment
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Equal to iron

Will o Wisp
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Blue lighting


Display Spoiler Skull
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • For decoration
  • Wear it the very best of 2 stone 2�1 to produce a friendly skeleton

Mutant Bugs Mod

Seafood Trap
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Put it into water to utilize it
  • Right click on to capture a trapped seafood (If theres no seafood, the seafood trap will undoubtedly be destroyed)

Wooden of Mushroom
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Put it somewhere you need to create the Shining Mushroom develop (Area 8�8)
  • Stick it somewhere dark

Bug Tree and Excellent Tree Sapling
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Put the herpes virus seed to create tree grow larger

Mutant Bugs Mod

Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Terapia the purple flower You may make a purple dyes as a result
  • Biollanta the most likely rose flower You may make a reddish colored dyes as a result
  • Poison Thorns Dont climb unless youre a masochist!
  • Mycena Clorophos Shinning Mushroom Grows just in dim lighting
  • Wooden from virus tree You may use it as vanilla wood planks


Present Spoiler Helena Butterfly
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Flying around your planet
  • Standing near it'll offer you poison

Virus Bug (Surface Type) / Minion Bug
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Virus bug will spawn minion bug if it notice you
  • Team atk!
  • It'll heal itself if it bite you

Virus Bug (Flying Type)
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Flying Virus Bug will strike you by acid
  • Its acid can melt your things! (Durability)
  • It loves to ride on additional mobs head

Mutant Bugs Mod

  • This bug does not have any knockback!?
  • Jump 3 blocks higher
  • Less falling harm
  • It doesnt like hot and winter

Carrier Bug
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • A poison shooter (Lengthy range)
  • It will bring virus tree sapling to plant someplace else
  • If it stand too much of you, it'll shoot an ender pearl to teleport you involved with it

Soldier Bug
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Boss in a medium dimension
  • High assault power and wellness, with a various strike patterns
  • No dropping damage, walls climber
  • Create a entire body shield when its wellness less than 50%
  • It could destroy woods, leaves, plus some blocks
  • It doesnt like cold location and wet (Swamp)
  • You won't despawn once again if its wellness is leaner than 50%

Evening Bug
Mutant Bugs Mod

  • Boss in a medium dimension???
  • Its assault power is greater than soldier bug, but its slower
  • No knock back having an ordinary attack (except cost strike or enchanted weapon)
  • No falling harm, drowning
  • Spawn just in virus forest and flatland
  • You won't despawn once again if its wellness is leaner than 50%

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Mutant Bugs Mod
  • Unzip document
  • Put Mutant Bugs Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Put the apvsound folder into your /resources/mod/audio folder
  • Put the AntiPlantVirusMod.cfg into your config folder
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2





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