This mod adds a new evil biome and world type, powerful monsters, and strong, magical armor. An evil is spreading across the land corrupting all in its path. Do you dare enter the Blighted land where the monsters you thought you knew have been mutated and twisted into even more dangerous abominations? Zombie Skeleton: Shoots

Mutant Biome Mod

This mod adds a fresh evil biome and planet type, effective monsters, and solid, magical armor. An evil is usually spreading across the property corrupting all in its route. Can you dare enter the Blighted property where in fact the monsters you believed you knew have already been mutated and twisted into a lot more dangerous abominations?

Mutant Biome Mod

Mutant Biome Mod

Mutant Biome Mod

Zombie Skeleton:

Shoots doubly quick as a skeleton and contains more health when compared to a zombie. Fairly simple 1v1, but look out for hordes and spawners. Drops exact same items as skeleton.

Mutant Biome Mod

Corrupted Creeper:

Like creepers they explode. Just a lot bigger. They also depart behind a slime buddy who will distribute the mutating biome more speedily. Run doubly fast as a standard creeper. Drops gunpowder.

Mutant Biome Mod

Diseased Spider:

Has somewhat more health when compared to a normal spider. Venom leads to nausea.

Mutant Biome Mod

Mutant Jockey:

Zombie skeleton riding a diseased spider. Where can be your god now?

Mutant Biome Mod


Enderman that spawns fire around it when it's attacked. It'll then spawn a band of fire around it each time it teleports.

Tested recipes:


Crosis armor is more powerful than diamond and much more enchantable than precious metal.

Cosis Equipment:

Crafted exactly the same method as the rest of the tools. Simply replace the usual materials with crosis ingots.
There exists a crosis sword as well.

Set up:

  • Download and install Modloader
  • Delete META-INF document
  • Download Mutant Biome Mod
  • Drag and drop data files from Mutant Biome Mod into Minecraft.jar
  • Near Minecraft.jar and operate minecraft!



  • Mutant Biome only spreads in Regular and Hard trouble
  • Set pyramid

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1



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