Modules:Modular Utilities Mod Download Links Modules: Ender: Ender Glove – When held in your offhand, all drops from mined blocks and killed entities will be sent to your ender chest. Ender Pocket – Portable ender chest. Ender Crate – Allows automation to interact with the vanilla ender chest. Enchantment: Soulbound – Very rare enchantment that



  • Ender Glove When kept in your offhand, all drops from mined blocks and killed entities will undoubtedly be delivered to your ender upper body.
  • Ender Pocket Portable ender upper body.
  • Ender Crate Allows automation to connect to the vanilla ender upper body.


  • Soulbound Extremely rare enchantment that triggers items to remain into your inventory once you die. (Armour will undoubtedly be unequipped though)
  • Affluency Escalates the XP fall from mining/eliminating
  • Flame Contact automagically smelts mined blocks.
  • Prospector adds the opportunity to getting gold nuggets from grime and stone.
  • Vampirism Lifesteal. Level 1 only functions on hostile mobs, Degree 2 on all residing things.


  • Fused Quartz Solid block that can't be redstone powered
  • Redstone Sand A redstone block, but with gravity.


  • Blast proof glass.
  • Liquid Grime!


  • Turf biome independent grass floor covering
  • Leaf Addresses 1/16th block leaves.
  • Clean Glowstone
  • Clinker Brick Combination consistency of bricks and netherbrick.
  • Carved Rock


  • Splitter TNT does what it states on the tin


  • Feather Block Quarters fall harm taken when landing onto it.
  • Machete cuts plants quickly minus the silk touching aftereffect of shears.


Minecraft Forge


For Minecraft 1.9.4

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