What is Minor Alchemy?Screenshots, Recipes and the Block’s interface:Some final notes:How to install: Mod Download Links What is Minor Alchemy? Minor Alchemy is a very small (one new item and one new block) but very capable and with a powerful idea. It is alchemy in its rawest form; take matter and make matter. It works

Minor Alchemy Mod

What's Small Alchemy?

Minor Alchemy is an extremely small (one new product and something new block) but extremely capable sufficient reason for a powerful concept. It really is alchemy in its rawest type; take issue and make issue. It functions for both Customers and Servers

Screenshots, Quality recipes and the Blocks user interface:

Note the way the tooltip displays an products CV (if it provides one). This tooltip is exclusive to the Alchemizer and cant be looked at elsewhere (wont arrive in stock, etc). The exception may be the Alchemical Power Container, which always exhibits its CV (since this may change by mashing even more CV involved with it or using some apart, etc).

The 4�4 grid may be the CV masher. It isn't a crafting grid, therefore only things could be mashed inside it. It works much like the crafting grid, and therefore in the event that you exit the GUI, your products will fall upon the ground. This is actually the case limited to the masher. The copier participate in the container, so products put there will stay there until they're extracted from the grid.

Next, some photos of how mashing products functions:

In the initial picture, a diamond has been mashed to extract the CV. The well worth of a diamond will be (default) 16384, and note the way the energy container that's produced includes a CV of 16384 aswell. Within the next picture, a complete of 16 products are increasingly being mashed together, leading to a power Container worth 1 gemstone and 15 gold ingots (16384 + 15(4096) = 77824). In the 3rd picture, some products are increasingly being mashed along with a power container. This outcomes in a fresh container worthy of that of the older container together with the new products
(77824 + 4(4096) = 94208).

Now, some images of the cloning procedure:

The power container used in the initial picture may be the one worth 92408 in the last group of pictures. Only power containers be placed in to the best slot, and anything could be placed in another slot (stack restriction of 1). If the power container being used includes a CV that's as high or more than the item that's attempting to be copied, a fresh one particular items can look in the 3rd slot. If one would be to take this product from the slot, the quantity of CV that it expenses to produce will be subtracted from the quantity of CV in the power container. When there is not enough power in the container, no brand-new items will arrive in the slot, that is demonstrated in the next picture. If the power container does not have any CV left, it really is destroyed. Containers could be recharged simply by mashing even more CV into them. There arent a crafting product, so that they are really an easy task to get by obvious situations.

Some final information:

  • Degradable items, such as for example equipment, armor, etc. from both vanilla and mods (supplying they will have a CV to begin with) likewise have a degrading CV. A gemstone shovel at max toughness includes a CV of 16388, and the CV reduces with every make use of. This degradation is really a unit aspect of its overall uses left its maximum uses. As a result, for gemstone shovels, they lose around 30.9 CV whenever they are employed, because 1/1562 * 16388 = 30.9. That is automatic rather than optional, for balance reasons.
  • Enchantments are actually included as a concealed price when mashing or copying products. The worthiness of the enchantments are usually calculated via the rejuvinators enchanting formulation, and the things value could have that put into it, but just its default CV will display, hence hidden expenses. When cloning products, the required quantity of CV of that plus its hidden expenses will be necessary to copy it.

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Small Alchemy Mod
  • Put Small Alchemy Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



Other Variations:

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For Minecraft 1.4.7



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