Changelog:Download Links It’s been a long time since the last Snapshot, but worry not! Snapshot Wednesday is back, and there are some exciting changes coming up for 1.9: the Love and Hugs Update! Famously, Minecraft has come under fire from a lot of directions in the last few years as a game that promotes, and

Minecraft Snapshot 15w14a

Its been quite a long time since the final Snapshot, but worry not really! Snapshot Wednesday will be back, and there are a few exciting changes approaching for 1.9: the Like and Hugs Upgrade! Famously, Minecraft has arrive under fire from the lot of directions within the last couple of years as a casino game that promotes, and also rewards, violence against pets, other people, and the surroundings itself. In order to make the overall game more family-pleasant and by expansion, more desirable to family advocate groupings and government firms Minecraft will undoubtedly be adding a huge amount of exciting new articles. Lets see what's up for grabs today!



  • We've removed the opportunity to directly harm additional creatures. You ought to be rewarded for assisting, not hurting.
  • Taken out Health insurance and Hunger. We believe that these are not suitable gameplay mechanics for a casino game about love, expressing and peacefulness.
  • Additional a new Like meter. This fills up the even more you help others, among others help you.
  • Survival setting has already been renamed to Living.


  • Bats are actually 20% cuter. Squeek.
  • Chickens is now able to end up being ridden by any participant less than two�blocks high.
  • Cows will now alert one to important activities that you will find missed through an audible notification.
  • Pigs can't fly, but is now able to climb on wall space.
  • Rabbits are usually fluffy.
  • Sheep will, if asked nicely, talk about their wool to help keep you warm.
  • Squid transformed, but were still racking your brains on how or why.

Monsters Inhabitants

  • Monsters are no more named as like. The most well-liked term is Inhabitants, because they reside in this world like everyone else or me.
  • Steve and Alex have noticed that the inhabitants aren't evil, and would like to hug and obtain along.
  • Creepers no more explode. They will have gotten over their�anxious disposition and so are much more helpful once you become familiar with them.
  • Skeletons possess revealed themselves to become very effective farmers, having a long lasting way to obtain bone meal in it all the time.
  • Blazes are in fact pretty cool men and can defend you from damage.
  • Guardians have reserve the preliminary misunderstanding, and today welcome you to their house with arms erm eye wide open.
  • Ghasts are no more frightened so quickly, and can offer you rides through the entire nether.
  • Slimes are actually pretty fun to hold around with, discussing their magic formula jumping abilities to the ones that will listen.
  • Witches are usually super friendly and amazingly knowledgable. They will assist you to by posting their potions.
  • Zombies are really cuddly and want to hug.
  • The Wither�has been replaced along with his lovable pink counterpart, marketing vitality and nourishment to the surroundings around him.

Weather & Atmosphere

  • Removed rain since it upset lots of players.
  • Falling snow includes a chance to make uncovered chests mysteriously filled with goodies at nighttime.

Villagers & Villages

  • Trading has already been rebalanced. We sensed that the prior incarnation wasnt very reasonable, and believe the brand new system is a action towards helping repair this.
  • Villagers offer help in picking right up products or blocks, in trade for a little fee because of their services.
  • Iron Golems�can show up as a manifestation of the villages like for you.


  • Lava offers been changed with liquid cheese. Its tasty and far safer!
  • TNT provides been changed with a very much friendlier block: A enjoy bomb.


  • As we no more have a hunger program, foods now give Happiness rather than Saturation.
  • Carrot on a Stick has already been removed. It was simply cruel to pigs and we have been very sorry because of this.


  • Bows no more require arrows.
  • Shooting items makes them love the very first thing they see.
  • Removed fight.

World era & terrain

  • Dungeons possess�been replaced with houses, offering a a lot more inviting and comfy experience for everyone.
  • All caves have already been examined by the Minecraft Protection Committee�to ensure a safer expertise for players.
  • Desert temples no more include TNT traps, and have a nice, safe solution to access underneath floor.
  • Some cliff�edges could be lined�with fences in order to avoid mishaps by the unwary traveller.
  • Jungle temples are no more trapped, containing rather a new uncommon Golden Creeper to prize exploration.


  • Some potions such as for example Power or Harming have already been taken out, as we no more have a location for them in the overall game.
  • Additional four (4)�new potions:
    • Enjoy Potion
    • Pleasure Potion
    • Potion of Sharing
    • Potion of Caring
    • Enjoyable Potion


  • Horses can't end up being ridden as this is considered unfair to the horses.
    • In settlement to the horses, they are able to now trip on your own shoulders.
  • Minecarts will have a fluffy pink inside.
  • Additional�obsidian boats which are usually impossible to split.
  • Improved regular wood boats.
  • Added grime bikes.
  • Ender pearls no more transportation you to the prospective, but instead the mark to you.

Weather & Atmosphere

  • Added rainfall back since it soothed plenty of players.
  • Falling snow includes a chance to make uncovered chests mysteriously filled with goodies at nighttime.

Game Configurations

  • Nobody had the same encounter playing Minecraft under various configurations, so we made a decision to remove all of the graphical settings.
  • You might now just have one world, to be able to reduce fragmentation also to deal with all worlds as equals.
  • Some reference packs had been prettier than others, offering some gamers an unfair benefit in the quantity of fun these were having. It has been fixed.

To obtain Snapshots, open up your launcher and push the New Profile key. Contact it Snapshots and check out the container saying Enable experimental growth snapshots and conserve. To switch to the standard version, you can choose it in the dropdown in the bottom left part of the launcher. Back again up your world very first or run the overall game on in another folder (Start to see the new user profile dialog).

Snapshots can corrupt your planet, please backup and/or operate them in another folder from your major worlds.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.