Snapshot 14w10b Changelogs:Snapshot 14w10a Changelogs:Download Links Minecraft: Skeleton Killers, Exploding Arrows, and More! This snapshot also has the (hopefully-)final step towards supporting name changes in Minecraft. All server files that are intended to refer to players will be automatically changed to go by UUIDs, and you do not need to do anything. However, this does

Minecraft Snapshot 14w10b

Minecraft: Skeleton Killers, Exploding Arrows, and much more!

This snapshot also offers the (hopefully-)last step towards supporting title adjustments in Minecraft. All server data files which are intended to make reference to players will undoubtedly be automatically changed to put into practice UUIDs, and you need not do anything. Nevertheless, this does imply that any alternative party tool will not really focus on these files, and can have to be updated to utilize them.

Though names modifications are technically backed in this snapshot, they'll not really be accessible until after 1.8 releases whenever we will be self-confident that most active servers possess updated to aid UUIDs. Mojang group will undoubtedly be releasing a Minecraft 1.7.6 edition soon to backport these UUID adjustments for normal servers.

Snapshot 14w10b Changelogs:

  • Slightly Broken Anvil Faces the wrong manner in Inventory
  • Nether Brick Fence isn't rendered correctly in stock
  • Crash record on a server
  • Dirt consistency on Grass Blocks will be green
  • 14w10a devoted server crash at startup
  • Jukebox is lacking the textures when disk is inside
  • Scoreboard group option deathMessageVisibility error information lists wrong choices when ran without choice parameter
  • Didn't load consumer/ip banlist
  • Wheat shows up as purple and dark checkerbox
  • Double Rock Slabs have the lacking texture texture
  • Finish Portal Frame Consistency Bug
  • Middle-clicking hydrated farmland provides me a weird 2D grime block
  • Cannot include or set ratings of offline or phony players
  • Driven Repeater
  • Mattress Bug
  • Consistency of nether wart will be broken
  • Total snowlayer block includes a missing model/consistency
  • Driven repeater doesnt present edges of torch
  • Upward dealing with dispenser consistency bug
  • The Nether Brick Fence fail consistency in inventory
  • Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf can't be cast to aoc
  • Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf can't be cast to arj
  • When jukebox plays songs disk, the consistency disappears
  • Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

gong7deng gong22deng Snapshot 14w10a Changelogs: gong23deng gong24deng gong7deng gong25deng gong11deng gong22deng Mapmaker adjustments: gong23deng gong13deng gong26deng gong27deng Set stat.useItem for most items gong28deng gong27deng Set bounding boxes of product frames and paintings, they cant overlap any more gong28deng gong27deng Set debug rendering of bounding boxes for most entities gong28deng gong27deng Additional stat.crouchedOneCm and stat.sprintedOneCm gong28deng gong27deng Examining for scores now furthermore works in @electronic entity selectors gong28deng gong27deng Set potential infinite recursion concern with the blockdata order in commandblocks gong28deng gong27deng New stat.timeSinceDeath gong28deng gong27deng Additional scoreboard team real estate to disable death text messages gong28deng gong27deng Order /scoreboard players is now able to filter by NBT information gong28deng gong27deng Gamers in creative mode is now able to damage entities even though they're flagged invulnerable gong28deng gong27deng Enhanced position handling of product frames and paintings gong28deng gong27deng Small tweaks to the /clone command to create it more dependable gong28deng gong29deng gong11deng gong22deng Bugs set in this snapshot: gong23deng gong13deng gong26deng gong27deng Inconsistent door texture gong28deng gong27deng While lying during intercourse nearby mobs can look above the ball player gong28deng gong27deng Gamers nameplates are too reduced during sleep in beds gong28deng gong27deng Make use of Item Stat Corresponds to Left-click, Not Right-click on gong28deng gong27deng Wither cant end up being killed with /eliminate while invulnerable gong28deng gong27deng Improper Cake Texture gong28deng gong27deng Phantom floating mobs are usually generated by any spawner (including organic dungeon spawners) gong28deng gong27deng @a, @p, @electronic or @r doesnt consist of dead player gong28deng gong27deng Armor Doesnt Hide for the ball player himself In Spectator gong28deng gong27deng Spectator mode can throw product in every location, but cant consider them gong28deng gong27deng In spectator setting, mobs can nevertheless follow the ball player gong28deng gong27deng @electronic selector does not acknowledge scoreboard parameters in non-player entities. gong28deng gong27deng Hand shifts aside when crouching/sneaking gong28deng gong27deng Fishing series casts below the ball player gong28deng gong27deng Participant 2 blocks increased when sleeping during intercourse and noclip gong28deng gong27deng Other Players hands arent moving when viewing them mining/putting blocks gong28deng gong27deng Block noises are distorted if strolling with left and correct keys gong28deng gong27deng Cannot disable expertise from villager trades gong28deng gong27deng Cannot hide potion impact tooltips making use of HideFlags gong28deng gong27deng Crash when working with /clone on complex construction(order block and pulser) gong28deng gong27deng Dropping sand doesnt screen when summoned gong28deng gong27deng Placing an indicator with NBT Tags doesnt utilize the tags to indication gong28deng gong27deng Vines no more have a back encounter texture gong28deng gong27deng Infant cow eye elevation is misplaced and leads to them to suffocate in 1-high locations gong28deng gong27deng order block T flip flop (command crash video game) gong28deng gong27deng /fill up wrong comparator result gong28deng gong27deng Server Scoreboard 36> 16 Bug
  • Brewing Stand CTRL+Middle Click Duplicate Derp
  • To obtain snapshots, open up your launcher and push the New Profile key. Contact it snapshots and check out the container saying Enable experimental growth snapshots and conserve. To switch to the standard version, you can choose it in the dropdown in the bottom left part of the launcher. Back again up your world very first or run the overall game on in another folder (Start to see the new user profile dialog).

    Snapshots can corrupt your planet, please backup and/or operate them in another folder from your major worlds.

    Snapshot 14w10a

    Cross-system server jar:

    Snapshot 14w10b

    Cross-system server jar:


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