The pre-release will be delayed until no more bugs remain!  Mojang is committed to making sure 1.5 is as bug-free as possible, and they still need your help Features: All potions are now categorized in Creative Mode Removed the amplifier effect limit /effect (PotionID) 0 will take away the effect from the player if he/she

Minecraft Snapshot 13w09c

The pre-release will undoubtedly be delayed until forget about bugs remain!��Mojang will be committed to making certain 1.5 is really as bug-free as possible, plus they still want your help


  • All potions are actually categorized in Creative Setting
  • Taken out the amplifier effect restriction
  • /impact (PotionID) 0 will need away the result from the ball player if he/she got the result
  • Now you can go up to at least one but a lot of the effects can do weird after 127
gong0deng gong3deng Bugfixes: gong4deng gong2deng gong5deng gong6deng TP Bug once you sit down in Minecart/Boat/Riding pig gong7deng gong6deng Minecart moving in a circle can make any minecart near them go very fast. gong7deng gong6deng Seems: Fire extinguish audio can not work in survival gong7deng gong6deng Redstone and parts stay driven after unloading chunks gong7deng gong6deng Breaking Doorways moves the other portion of the door sometimes gong7deng gong6deng Swords usually do not eliminate durability when applied to the Ender Dragon gong7deng gong6deng Creative Menus potion values won't be the same as when brewed (concern redo) gong7deng gong6deng Brewing endure comparator result inconsistent gong7deng gong6deng Non-regular resolutions (and small regular resolutions) not detected correctly gong7deng gong6deng Nether cave/tunnel generator creates incorrect/trim tunnels gong7deng gong6deng Lacking quartz, hopper, and comparator textures gong7deng gong6deng Quartz slabs and dual slabs using wrong consistency gong7deng gong6deng Inconsistent distribution program (predicated on hopper, hopper bug) making use of rails and minecart-upper body over hoppers gong7deng gong6deng Driven mechanisms react when finding a 0 tick redstone transmission gong7deng gong6deng Comparator make use of off state texture / usually do not emit any lighting when powered gong7deng gong6deng Minecarts with Hoppers duplicating products when multiple carts come in exactly the same space gong7deng gong6deng Striking mobs with a sharpness I wood sword and weakness III crashes the overall game gong7deng gong6deng Powering 2 pistons extends the incorrect piston! gong7deng gong6deng Mobs with the previous AI have inverted mind movement gong7deng gong6deng Rows of Vertical Down Piston Extenders have got a >50% failing rate gong7deng gong6deng Minecraft crashes whenever a saddled pig you trip dies or when modifying between rideable entities gong7deng gong6deng Animations for products and blocks usually do not work properly gong7deng gong6deng Struggling to craft with blocks that have a damage worth higher than 0 gong7deng gong6deng Invisible entities infinite spawn loop (customer aspect) using minecart spawners leading to severe performance problems. gong7deng gong6deng Crash when near crops gong7deng gong6deng View UGLY with Rate 5 and FOV Quake Professional gong7deng gong6deng Minecraft provides stopped running since it encountered an issue; Ticking player gong7deng gong6deng Exact same redstone line, two various redstone level gong7deng gong6deng Internal error when working with /effect having an id > 31






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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.