Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft seeds are a mathematical code which address the underpinnings of your reality. While making another Minecraft experience, you can type in a seed to either control the sort of world you generate into, or maybe think of a few arbitrary digits and see what you get.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.6.0 Updated

    The next update for Minecraft Pocket Edition has been submitted for review. This means we should see the update out in one or two weeks, for both iOS and Android. This update was originally intended to be a small patch, but ended up having a lot of new features and tweaks! Changelogs: Signs Armor Applying

  • Magical Charms Mod

    List of Charms:Mod Spotlight:Download Links With the Magical Charms Mod, You can make Magical Charms that give you Magical Abilities and Effects from mobs by making their drops into Charms! List of Charms: Pig Charm Sheep Charm Cow Charm Zombie Pigman Charm Zombie Charm Spider Charm Enderman Charm Snow Golem Charm Iron Golem Charm Ender

  • Best Starter Seed

    Minecraft Best Starter Seed For Minecraft 1.8 in 2014. Best Minecraft Seeds – Villages at Spawn, 3 Diamonds at Spawn, Desert Temple at Spawn, Dungeon at Spawn and more! Seed ID: -6623707928931058905

  • Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod

    Mod Spotlight:Download Links “One does not simply walk into the mountains and mine iron ore with a wooden pickaxe.” The Minecraft Is Too Easy (MITE) mod was created to emphasize and enhance the survival aspect of the game. It accomplishes this by increasing the difficulty of survival mode and introducing new content and game mechanics.

  • Minecraft Snapshot 13w05a

    A new Snapshot is out and about, ready for your testing pleasure!  Here’s what is on offer this week: Changelogs: Added team based functionality to scoreboards Adjusted balancing of bone meal Implemented multiple snow heights Drops more snowballs 4th height fork as slab Crafting recipe for snow Wait, that’s not a very big list of features

  • 3D Craft Mod

    Mod Review:Download Links This mod adds No New blocks. It revamps the game making almost everything that use to be a flat sprite-like image is now fully 3D. Screenshots: Mod Review: How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into

  • BrewCraft Mod by oompaville

    It is about stills and moonshine and brewing. To summarize this mod up, basically it adds some stuff that you can craft into other stuff to make moonshine, anyways lets get on with it. They work for both client and server Screenshots: Barley Corn Recipes: Corn Seeds: Can be obtained by breaking grass blocks. Barley

  • XP Storage and Elevators Command Block

    Command Block Showcase:Command: Elevators and XP Storage System in Vanilla Minecraft. Make sure to only use 3 elevators aligned at one time or the lift may be INACCURATE and the XP storage can only store up to 16 levels. Command Block Showcase: How to install: To add any one-command creation to your world, first give

  • Minecraft Snapshot 12w40a Download

    We’re now fully into the “prepare for release” mode, so we’ve almost only worked on bug fixing and performance. We’ve decided to aim for October 24 for the full Pretty Scary Update. Here’s this week’s changelog: Minor terrain additions for the witch Flatworld configuration now allows you to generate trees, strongholds etc A number of

  • Mooshroom Survival Island and Dungeons Seed

    Seed Showcase: This Minecraft seed has three interesting ravines and a land-locked mushroom island biome (with mooshrooms) right around the plains biome you spawn on. A quick walk and you’ll also find a savanna island with extreme hills that shoot up higher than the clouds. There’s plenty more to explore, this is just what is