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  • Lambchops Mod by simonki2

    Lambchops Mod adds that to the game making it easier to find food on your first night. The raw lambchops feeds the same as raw beef and cooked lambchop is the same as steak. Screenshots: Sheep dropping a raw lambchop can be cooked in a furnace Showing the Raw lambchop Lambchop Turned into Mutton jerky

  • StackPack Resource Pack

    About StackPack Resource PackDownload links for StackPack Resource Pack: About StackPack Resource Pack StackPack Resource Pack is a customized version of the Faithful Resource Pack created by Vattic. Nice green leaves and grass accompanied by a nice easy and clear transparent GUI. How to install: Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download &

  • Eternity [Smooth] Resource Pack

    About Eternity Resource PackEternity Resource Pack ScreenshotsHow to install Eternity Pack:Download links for Eternity Resource Pack: About Eternity Resource Pack Friendly reminder this is a WIP, and very much so. There is a lot of things to come, and a lot of things to change. Eternity Resource Pack will be updated weekly.

  • Savanna Plateau Seed

    This is definitely a cool seed because you spawn in a savanna plateau, very close to a dessert and a village with a blacksmith with three diamonds at X:-147 and Y:72 Z:68. Spawn points: X: -8 / Y: 63 / Z: 5 Locations: X: -147 / Y: 72 / Z: 68 The location of the village

  • Minecraft 1.7: Snapshot 13w42a

    Changelogs:Download Links Snapshot 13w42a Released for download Changelogs: Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes have a smoother/transparent texture Witches now spawn outside of witch huts (Halloween Related) More different letters can now be typed on signs Rewrote the sound system Being able to add new sounds using resource packs Resource packs can now add, remove,

  • YoutubeCraft Mod

    Youtubers included in this mod:Content:How to install YoutubeCraft Mod for Minecraft:YoutubeCraft Mod Download Links YoutubeCraft Mod adds popular youtubers into Minecraft. Youtubers included in this mod: Tobuscus SCMowns2 Kash Gaming Chimneyswift11 SkyDoesMinecraft Ant Venom YogsCast SlyFoxHound Content: Screenshots: Crafting Recipes: Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough

  • ThrowCraft Mod

    ThrowCraft adds 2 ‘categories’ of throwable eggs to the game. One is eggs, which spawn a mob where they land similar to a regular egg that a chicken drops, but there is a 100% spawn rate. The other type is the bombs. There are far fewer bombs, and I am working on adding more (please

  • Trap Friendly Cactus Mod

    People make mods to make the game more fun and exciting. However, many people make mods to fix things and make things more convenient. Sometimes, players get bugged with very small things. Mods adding and changing some parts of the game completely can result in great hits, but simple mods can also be appreciated as

  • Moar Achievements Redux Mod

    This mod currently adds 120+ achievements into the game. All unlockable inside your Achievements window in-game. This mod is client side only, but most of the achievements will activate in a multiplayer game. Screenshots: Some of the newer achievements: The Mega Achievement of building a portal: The new achievement page, along with some IRONic deaths(pun

  • Rare Ores Mod

    What is Rare Ores?Contents:How to install Rare Ores Mod: Download Rare Ores Mod: What is Rare Ores? Rareores is in short, a fairly large mod that will completely change the way you mine! Adding 5 new ores (Two of which are Nether Ores!) , this mod extends the tier system to a whole new level.